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Bolivia President Arce supports the implementation process of the updated educational curriculum

January 31, 2023

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During the Extraordinary National Expansion of the Single Teachers of Bolivia of the MAS-IPSP, held at the Ministry of Education, President Luis Arce Catacora expressed his support for the process of implementing the educational curriculum updated, since it ensures that it promotes the objective of the country that its Government has.

"The new curricula that our Ministry of Education has been disseminating for some time is a curriculum that has to do with the objective of the country, which must first be sought - something that our Minister of Education already mentioned, and I want to emphasize again - educational quality”, expressed the Head of State, during the national event held in the city of La Paz.

In this line, the first authority of the country, affirmed that through the updated educational curriculum, the Government - through the Ministry of Education - seeks to make a qualitative leap in the training and professionalization of students in our country, with the objective to have qualified human resources to accompany the industrialization process that is taking place in Bolivia.

"Today we need - more than ever - to promote our children and young people to science, to technology, because we have made a qualitative leap in our country, and we need to promote a sustained growth of knowledge and professionalization that accompanies the frank process of industrialization" Arce remarked.

Likewise, the President summoned the teachers of the Single Magisterium of Bolivia of the MAS-IPSP to make a difference with the rest of their colleagues by giving high-level classes. “A revolutionary MAS IPSP teacher has to differentiate himself from the rest by giving very high-level classes, he must transmit high-level knowledge to our children and youth,” he said.

In the same direction, the Minister of Education, Edgar Pary -in time to regret the statements of some teachers' leaders who oppose the implementation of the curriculum because it requires the training and updating of educators- highlighted the constant self-training that his fellow teachers have, through the Pedagogical University (UP) and the Specialized Unit for Continuing Education (UNEFCO).

“February 1 is coming, we have to prepare for the start of classes. Science and technology advances and the characteristic of each of you - fellow teachers - is to prepare and train, as you do permanently. Some teachers' leaders make us look bad, for them, you are not trained and trained, but you know very well that this is not the case, "said the ministerial authority.


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