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Bolivia Minister of Education guarantees the start of classes on February 1

January 31, 2023

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

The Minister of Education, Edgar Pary Chambi, guaranteed the start of educational activities from next February 1 throughout the country. The authority expressed his full confidence in the vocation of service of his fellow teachers for Bolivian education.

“Surely, the start of school work is guaranteed. We know our fellow teachers and teachers, they will be in their educational units on February 1, because we are sure of their dedication to service," Pary said, when journalists asked him about the sanctions for educators who decide not to return to educational establishments from February 1.

In this direction, the highest educational authority called on educators from all over the country to enlist and continue to update themselves according to the contents of the updated educational curriculum for the start of classes, in tune with the great expectations of the Bolivian student population. who looks forward to returning to educational units from next Wednesday.

Regarding the cases of dengue in the department of Santa Cruz and the announcement of the request by Mayor Jhonny Fernández to postpone the start of educational work for a week, the head of the Education Portfolio reported that the recommendations of the Ministry of Education are awaiting. Health and Sports.

“Regarding the start of classes in Santa Cruz, we are coordinating with our Ministry of Health, based on the recommendations that they make us, we will work. Personally, I believe that from the educational units we can contribute by providing preventive information to our students about these diseases," said the minister, in time to mention that the characteristics of dengue are different from those of Covid-19.

In this line, the authority took the opportunity to request the municipal governments of the entire country, especially the departmental capitals, to take advantage of these last days of vacation to guarantee the disinfection of the educational units to protect the health of the students.

He regretted that, in some urban municipalities with a large number of student populations, such as La Paz, spare parts for educational units are being neglected. He commented that, one week after the start of classes, fathers and mothers of families denounce the deterioration of the establishments, through the media throughout the country.


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