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Baccalaureate in Burkina Faso: What to remember from the current reforms

May 18, 2021

Original Article:

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No change. The 2021 baccalaureate session will be organized by the Bac Office housed within the Joseph KI-Zerbo University. Also no competition will be organized for the registration of baccalaureate holders in universities. This is what the ministers in charge of National Education and Higher Education announced in substance. In front of the press, this Thursday, March 18, 2021, the ministers Stanislas Ouaro and Alkassoum Maiga thus come out of their silence, after the multiple demonstrations of the students against the current reforms.

“I would like to reassure those involved in education that the modalities of access to university will not experience any change as is the case in countries like Mali. Baccalaureate holders will be able to continue to register on the Campus Faso platform for the various orientations, as is currently the case for holders of the baccalaureate from Mali, Benin and Côte d'Ivoire who have always enrolled in universities. of Burkina Faso without a competition being organized for them, ”announced the Minister in charge of National Education, Prof. Stanislas Ouaro.

A long process

He also specified that contrary to the crazy rumors which circulate, the baccalaureate of the year 2021 will be organized by the ministry in charge of higher education. While waiting for the organization of the examination to be the business of MENAPLN in 2022, the ministers indicated that discussions will be carried out in order to arrive at "an implementation schedule, a draft organizational format and to the development of texts on organizational, educational, material, financial and regulatory plans ”.

A campaign promise

Once therefore the organization of the Bac in the hands of MENAPLN, it will be created, according to Minister Ouaro, a direction of the examination of the baccalaureate. It will be placed under the control of the general management of examinations and competitions.

Still according to the Minister of National Education, “the various tests will be the subject of selection and development committees made up of pedagogical supervisors and teachers under the responsibility of an inspector of the discipline concerned and not of a teacher-researcher ”.

According to Minister Ouaro, the attachment of the baccalaureate to the Ministry in charge of National Education as a terminal secondary diploma is a commitment made by the President of Faso, during the presidential election of November 22, 2020. But before its effectiveness, ministers Stanislas Ouaro and Alkassoum Maiga have indicated that the decrees and orders will be taken. And one of the projects is the re-reading of decree N ° 2006-654 / PRES / PM / MESSRS / MFPRE / MFB regulating the baccalaureate examination.

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