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Algeria Bac and Bem 2021: the dates of the exams are becoming clearer

May 17, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

Things seem to be more precise regarding the dates of the end-of-year exams for the middle and secondary cycles.

Several corroborating sources with the ministry of education indicated that the dates for the end-of-year exams have been officially set. thus, the exams for the bem middle education certificate and the baccalaureate for the 2021 session will have to be held after the early legislative elections scheduled for june 12.

According to the arabic-lenguage daily el khabar, which quotes official sources at the ministry of education, the two exams will have to take place during the same month. If these two tests are officially maintained, it is not the same for the examination of the fifth, at least, according to the latest information reported.

The decision to cancel the examination of the fifth was made according to the same daily dee to the epidemiological situation characterized by the continued spread of the coronavirus epidemic. following this, the average transition to the middle cycle will be counted on the basis of the first and second trimester.

Towards the cancellation of the examination of the fifth

It should be noted that the scheduling of the early legislative elections for June 12, considered the review period, has raised a wave of questions about the holding of the end-of-year exams.

Indeed, the decision of the ministry of education intervenes in this way to avoid the interference of the exams with the legislative deadlines , in particular in the organizational side with the health protocols, knowing that the supervisory authority has also decided to put an end to the bac tests and bem even before the end of next June.

In the same context, the government will have to take exceptional measures similar to those decided by the high authorities of the country for the examinations of the previous session, in particular the cancellation of the examination of the fifth, a decision which intervenes because of the epidemiological situation.

For the bac and the bem, and if the stability of the epidemiological situation remains, they will be held as planned and in accordance with a strict sanitary protocol which must be put in place before, dering and after the examinations are held.

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