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78 percent of Azerbaijan teachers successfully pass certification

December 23, 2022

Original Article:

Overall 78 percent of the secondary school teachers have successfully passed the certification exam, Azernews reports, citing Azerbaijani Science and Education Minister Emin Amrullayev.

The minister made the remarks at the September 7 conference of Baku teachers.

He underlined that 2,978 teachers demonstrated high performance in the first round of the certification.

"A total of 1,530 teachers scored 21-29 points. They will be supported and will take advanced training courses within a year," Amrullayev stressed.

The minister stressed that the goal of the certification is to assess teachers’ knowledge and skills. If all 5,597 participants pass the interview, they will be eligible for the salary supplements, he added.

Amrullayev underlined that the teachers, aged 25-29, achieved 100 percent success in certification exams, while only 68 percent of the teachers over 60 were successful.

"We are especially concerned about teachers between the ages of 40-55. Because they will be in the education system for a few more years," he added.

Amrullayev told the media on the sidelines of the event that the interview round for certified teachers is scheduled to begin in early September before the start of the school year.

According to the minister, interview commissions have already been established and the process will be face-to-face with some teachers and online with others.

"At the same time, we are thinking of finishing the interview stage by September 15, so that in September teachers can receive certain supplements to their salaries," Amrullayev emphasized.

It should be noted that those who scored above 50 points will have their salaries increased by 35 percent, while those who scored a passing score will receive a 10 percent salary supplement.

Furthermore, over 10,000 students are expected to benefit from the student loan, Amrullayev said.

The minister also briefed about the establishment of an Education Development Fund.

"This allowed us to ensure flexibility in the financial sector. Through this fund, we will start implementing various major projects this year," Amrullayev added.


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