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CBSE Class 10, 12 Results: Girls Outshine Boys Again, Pass Percentage Up Against Pre-Pandemic Year

August 08, 2022

Girls outshone boys in the CBSE Class 10 and 12 exams which saw a pass percentage of 94.4 and 92.71 respectively.

Germany Simplifies Conditions For Admission To Universities For Ukrainian Refugees

August 05, 2022

It is now easier for Ukrainian refugees to enter German universities. This applies to those who studied their last year at school in Ukraine, but because of the full-scale Russian invasion, could not pass the final exams and receive a certificate, as well as those who started studying at a Ukrainian university, but did not complete the first year for the same reason.

Interest in the high school diploma in mathematics has declined again in Czech Republic

August 04, 2022

The popularity of mathematics among high school graduates continues to decline. This year, 17 percent of students applied for the state didactic test, ie about two percentage points less than last year. Others preferred a foreign language, most students traditionally chose English. The share of those registered for it increased compared to last year from 78 percent to 80.3 percent.

The 1st Primary School and the High School of Gargaliani will participate in the Greek PISA exams

August 04, 2022

Six schools in Messinia are included in the 600 primary and secondary schools that will participate in the Greek PISA exams.

Hong Kong students in mainland get to sit DSE exams from 2024

August 03, 2022

Mainland students can sit the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education exams from 2024 and they can do the written tests needed to enter university from across the border. The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority said yesterday it has received applications from schools in the mainland to participate.

All ESO students will be able to study philosophy next year in Spain

August 03, 2022

The 17 autonomies will offer the subject as an elective in the third or fourth year of secondary school. With the new curriculum, in addition, the subjects related to the discipline will increase from one to three.

University in Serbia discusses introduction of the state baccalaureate, but suggests a transitional period

August 02, 2022

The University of Belgrade generally supports the state graduation exam, which should be introduced in the education system in 2023/24. year, but proposes a transitional period of three to four years in which the state matriculation and entrance exams would take place in parallel.

In 2025, Portugal national tests and exams will all be online

August 02, 2022

National tests and exams for elementary and secondary students will be carried out directly on computers in 2025, according to a plan by the Instituto de Avaliação Educativa (IAVE) that this year starts with a pilot project in some schools.

Italy Maturita 2022, what to do after the first and second exam

August 01, 2022

Tips for those who are waiting for the grades of the first and second tests of the Maturita 2022. Included is the oral maturita evaluation grid.

Trial online BEL exams for Bulgaria high school seniors

July 29, 2022

The exams will be in accordance with the new format of the Ministry of Education and Culture.


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