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Membership Types
  • Group Unlimited

    Open to employees and students at accredited, degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the U.S. and Canada All are voting members

    Open to employees and students at state-licensed postsecondary institutions that are ineligible for regular voting membership

    International Institutional
    Open to employees and students at degree-granting postsecondary institutions outside the U.S. and Canada approved by the local ministry of education All are voting members

    Open to employees at public sector and private non-profit associations whose interests are closely aligned to AACRAO (i.e. state higher education coordinating boards, other higher education associations, accrediting bodies, and international ministries)

    System Office
    Open to employees who work at the central office of a multi-institution system and would not qualify for membership at any of the constituent institutions All are voting members

  • Individual Members

    Open to education professionals outside of the U.S., including personnel at secondary or postsecondary institutions, or personnel representing education organizations or agencies

    High School
    Open to a registrar, counselor, or other personnel at a secondary school who would benefit from AACRAO membership

    Open to voting members of AACRAO who lose employment and become no longer eligible for membership. Limited to one membership year

    Open to individuals who have worked in the professions represented by AACRAO, have been a member of the Association, and are currently retired

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At the 2023 Business Meeting, AACRAO members voted to eliminate roster limits. This vote ensures access to membership for all employees of institutions with active membership status. This new policy will go into effect in December 2023.

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