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Spain's "star" modality of the new configuration of the Baccalaureate

Jul 28, 2022, 10:21 AM
The General modality will incorporate scientific, humanistic, socioeconomic and artistic subjects.
Title : Spain's "star" modality of the new configuration of the Baccalaureate
Source : La Gaceta
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The original article requires translation.

The new academic organization of the Baccalaureate establishes four modalities, one more than there was until now. It is about science and technology; Humanities and Social Sciences; Arts; and General .

The latter, newly created, will incorporate subjects of a scientific, humanistic, socioeconomic and artistic nature and is aimed at higher studies that do not require a specific specialization . The other novelty in the organization of the Baccalaureate comes from the branch of Arts, which is divided into two, in Music and Performing Arts, on the one hand, and Plastic Arts, Image and Design, on the other.

The delay with which the Government approved the Baccalaureate curriculum caused the Board not to offer places in the General modality during the admission process for the next one that ended last week. This circumstance has generated many doubts among the families and the students themselves , interested in knowing what this new variant was like, and that the teachers have not been able to solve either as there is nothing official. However, it is foreseeable that in the coming months, when formalizing enrollment in principle, students will be able to choose this modality.

In addition to the complaints about the delay in its approval, the new structure of the Baccalaureate has raised fears among the educational community, due to the risk of more differences arising between urban centers and those in rural areas . The warnings focus on the fact that, due to the characteristics of the institutes in rural areas, with generally few students and, consequently, with a smaller teaching staff, being able to offer the three main modalities of the Baccalaureate - the two variants of Arts they will focus on Salamanca at the School of Arts except for a last-minute change—it is almost impossible if the conditions are not modified and the resources for this type of institute are not increased.

Problems, in fact, exist today with fewer itineraries. The difficulties lie in the fact that there are not enough students to offer subjects that are of vital importance for certain profiles. The situation forces students to study others in which they are less interested or with a different profile than the one they need to study a specific career later. In some cases, it implies traveling to other locations that do have this offer, even to the capital of Salamanca.

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