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Ministry of Education announces schedule for implementation of New High School

Nov 16, 2021, 17:16 PM
New model will apply to public and private schools. Deployment will start in 2022 with the 1st grade and will be progressive. Hours will be expanded and there will be a new curricular structure.
Title : Ministry of Education announces schedule for implementation of New High School
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The Ministry of Education released this Wednesday (14) the national schedule for the actions to implement the New High School , which will take place from next year and gradually.

Among the planned changes are the expansion of the workload, from 2.4 thousand hours to 3,000 total hours, and a new curricular structure.

The new organization will be valid for all public and private schools in the country and will start in 2022 with the first year of high school and will be implemented progressively. In 2023, it should be applied in the second year. The expectation is to reach the three grades of high school in 2024.

Secondary education will be structured in two large blocks:
  • Basic general curriculum: which has as reference the Common National Curriculum Base (BNCC) and defines competences and abilities for four areas of knowledge (Languages ​​and its technologies, Mathematics and its technologies, Natural Sciences and its technologies and Applied Human and Social Sciences)
  • Training itineraries: which offer the possibility for the student to deepen in one or more areas of knowledge and/or technical and professional training.
The National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) , used in the selection process for admission to several universities, will also be updated. The application according to the guidelines will be in 2024.

The schedule presented by the MEC provides for the institution of:
  • Calendars for expanding the workload to 1,000 hours per year in secondary school units;
  • Deadlines for the implementation of the new curricula, aligned with the BNCC and training itineraries;
  • Schedules referring to teaching materials and resources, via the National Textbook Program (PNLD);
  • Updates of Full Time High School (EMTI) matrices;
  • Updates of the Basic Education Assessment System (SAEB);
  • Update of the new National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM).
The law establishing the secondary education reform was enacted in 2017 , in the Michel Temer government, but until now the Ministry of Education had not defined a timetable for its implementation. An ordinance with this schedule was published in this Wednesday's edition of the "Official Gazette of the Union".

At the ceremony to launch the schedule, Education Minister Milton Ribeiro said that he was "not creating anything", but "accomplishing what was done in the past" by another government. He stressed that the education area is something for the medium and long term.

According to Ribeiro, the federal government invested more than R$70 million in the Departments of Education for the readjustment of their curricular references and for the training of education professionals. "We have already promoted the transfer to more than 4,000 pilot schools, totaling R$360 million in financial support," he said.

Right at the beginning of the event, Ribeiro, who is a pastor, said a prayer for President Jair Bolsonaro, who felt abdominal pain in the early hours of Wednesday and went to the hospital for tests . As a result, Bolsonaro's agenda, which included participation in this MEC event, was canceled.


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