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Italy Maturita 2022, what to do after the first and second exam

Aug 1, 2022, 10:30 AM
Tips for those who are waiting for the grades of the first and second tests of the Maturita 2022. Included is the oral maturita evaluation grid.
Title : Italy Maturita 2022, what to do after the first and second exam
Source : Studenti
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The first and second tests are now gone: the students faced the ministerial traces on June 22nd , while on the 23rd they faced the tests elaborated by the commissions . The next appointments of the state exams? Meanwhile, the marks of the written tests will be published between Friday and Monday, and then the oral exam will begin. 

What to do now that you have taken the first and second tests ? The first advice , the most important, we feel like giving it to you with the heart: rest. Take an afternoon to rest, spend some time with friends and recharge your batteries for the final test, the oral interview.

After you have rested for a while, you can think about the oral. As you know, the interview will start from the analysis of a material chosen by the commission, we will talk about Civics and you will have to present the PCTO. During the 2022 high school exam, commissioners and presidents will be able to ask you several questions, so it is good to do a quick review of the topics covered in class during the last year.

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