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Italy Maturita 2022: tests, traces and the draw in Milan

Jun 30, 2022, 15:24 PM
The Italy Maturity exams begin in Milan and the rest of the country. It will coincide with the return to the classroom where students will be engaged with the written tests, which has been suspended in the last two years.
Title : Italy Maturita 2022: tests, traces and the draw in Milan
Source : Milan
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There are about sixty days to go before the final exams, which will involve about 68,000 students in Lombardy and over 21,000 in Milan and its province. And the return to class, after Easter, for many will coincide with the simulations of the written tests, suspended in the last two years, as they were at maturity. In the schools there are the meetings of the departments of the subjects that will be the subject of the second test . This year, in fact, the latter will be different from institution to institution: it will be the professors who elaborate it, agreeing it on the basis of the program carried out. The teachers will prepare three tracks and a draw will choose the final one. The second test is worth 10 points for the final grade, 15, however, the first: a topical topic, an argumentative text or an analysis of the text chosen from seven proposals, developed by the Miur. The oral mark can reach up to 25 points.

The tests from Virgilio to Manzoni, from Pareto to Agnesi
The simulations will begin on Wednesday at Virgilio and Manzoni . At the itis Pareto they were held last Monday and also at the Agnesi high school (linguistics, human sciences and Les) they have already left. «The address of the human sciences sees this very subject as a second proof. We are also preparing students through meetings with experts on topics such as the war in Ukraine, human rights, violence and possession of weapons - explains the principal Giuseppe Vincolo - As for the paper, we are not thinking of an aseptic essay, but to an analysis in which they express their thoughts on the pedagogical aspect of the proposed theme, which will look at current events. We will avoid giving a specific author, to prevent them from delving into notionism ". At the socio-economic high school, students are instead asked to make a simulation on a given socio-economic context and to elaborate a statistic. "We will invite a Bocconi expert, who will talk to us about the economy and global markets in the European situation" concludes Vincolo.

Second extra-large test at the art school

"At the artistic high school the second test is very complex , it can last up to three days, because it includes the design, the realization of the product and the report on the process carried out - says Emilia Ametrano, at the helm of the Brera, where the simulations will start from 26 April -. However, we consider it an understatement that the second test gives only 10 points. For this reason, as a network of artistic high schools, we wrote to Minister Patrizio Bianchi ". Departments at work also at Lagrange. For the hospitality industry, the food science test will be held on the 27th. For the scientific one, explains the headmaster Federico Militato, "the test will consist of two structured problems, which require more points to be solved, the student will have to choose one to which they will be added eight targeted questions on topics covered in the fifth year and the graduate will have to choose 4. The department has decided to dedicate 5 hours to the test (4 to 6 are allowed): a fair compromise in order not to penalize the students, considering the period of Dad, but also aware of wanting to pass a serious state exam ».

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