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In Hungary, graduation exams begins

Aug 9, 2022, 11:23 AM
This year's high school graduation exam period begins with the written Hungarian language and literature, during which approximately 114,700 students are expected to take the high school graduation exam at 1,162 locations, the Education Office announced.
Title : In Hungary, graduation exams begins
Source : Napi
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The original article requires translation.

Accordingly , the written exams was held between May 2 and 23.

After Monday's Hungarian exams - of which 70,944 students at the intermediate level and 2,209 at the advanced level, around 69,000 will take the exam in mathematics at the intermediate level and more than 5,000 at the advanced level.

On Wednesday, more than 66,000 students will graduate from history at the intermediate level, and about eight thousand at the advanced level. The English exams will be held on Thursday, for which more than 49,000 people applied at the intermediate level and almost 20,000 at the advanced level, almost 12,000 people at the intermediate level and more than 2,600 at the advanced level took part in the German language exams the next day, they said.

The advanced level oral exams will be held between June 1 and 9, and the intermediate level oral exams between June 13 and 24. The exams are organized by secondary schools and government offices, and 3,185 matriculation examination boards are involved in their administration.

During this year's examination period, approximately 73,000 high school graduates will graduate. The majority will be from regular matriculation exams: graduating students will take 342,926 such exams. Those who already have a high school diploma applied for almost 10,000 repeat or supplementary exams, the number of advanced exams was 30,478, the number of advanced exams was 13,952, and the number of supplementary and remedial exams was a total of 2,255.

During the graduation exams, an adequate amount of hand sanitizer must be provided at all exam locations, wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory. Candidates can enter the institutions according to the local rules of the schools.


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