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Fake diploma scammers in Turkey

Jul 18, 2022, 14:46 PM
In Turkey, scammers on social media promise an "e-Government-approved, valid in all institutions" diploma, and then disappear as soon as they get the money.
Title : Fake diploma scammers in Turkey
Source : Hurriyet
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Those who want to steal labor and get fake diplomas in 2 days instead of studying for years are also defrauded. The scammers on social media promise an "e-Government-approved, valid in all institutions" diploma, and then disappear as soon as they get the money.

It takes at least 16 years to bruise the elbow to get a University Degree. However, recently increasing numbers of scammers on social platforms promise to give you the diploma of the school you want in a few days. These fraudsters, who do not have addresses and phones, only provide services through their social media accounts and internet addresses. When these sites increase, we write to someone and say that we need a university degree. Here is the answer:


“All of our documents are e-Government, Ministry of National Education (MEB), Notary, Higher Education Council (YÖK) approved. We can only provide graduation through open education for primary and high school. You can choose the university you want for associate, undergraduate and graduate studies. In order to see your preferences in e-government, you must choose a graduation date after 2008.”


Fake diplomats say they even prepare documents from the world's most respected universities. If you are going this way, you are making two mistakes. The first is to try to get the diploma without effort. The second is to fall into the network of scammers. Because after you deposit 50 percent of the fee, you will not have the chance to meet with the fake diplomat again. So when you want to defraud, you are defrauded. Here are a few examples of complaints from victims who hunt while hunting:

- This site disappeared 5 minutes after deposit.

- He blocked me after I sent the money. I have been victimized.

- They change their names and continue with different addresses.


When we decide to make an agreement with the diplomat, he gives the following information: “We get the fee in two instalments. The first payment is 50 percent of the price at the initiation stage, the second payment is after confirmations and receipt of your document.”


Evren Aynacıoğlu, Secretary General of the Human Resources Association, makes the following recommendation so that workplaces are not deceived by fake diplomas: “In the job application process, candidates should accept the terms of the Personal Data Protection Law and submit their experience and graduation documents with a barcode control system that can be obtained via e-Government. To date, we have never encountered an e-Government-approved Fake Diploma .”


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