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Spain Ministry of Education approves calendar for 2021-2022

October 01, 2021

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The Ministry of Education has approved with the consensus of the entire educational community the school calendar for the next academic year 2021-2022, which will begin on September 9 for Infants and Primary and on September 14 in Secondary and the rest of non-university education. The director General of Planning and Educational Infrastructures, Lydia Espina, has submitted a proposal that has reconciled the requests expressed by family representatives, education unions public and private-concerted and the addresses of the centers.

“After a difficult course due to the health pandemic, the proposal that we have developed and that has finally come forward tries to bring the positions of the entire educational community, with a calendar that allows a break for students and teachers every month and a half, and help to the reconciliation of families ”, explained Espina. The director has also pointed out that it is a “more pedagogical organization, which it responds to the needs of the students ”.

The calendar maintains 177 school days, to which we must deduct the two holidays of each council. The course in Infant and Primary will begin on September 9 and will conclude on June 21. On September 14, classes will begin in Secondary, which will end on June 24.

The organizational structure retains the two main periods holidays: the first, from Friday, December 24 to Sunday, December 9 January, and the second, from Saturday April 9 to Sunday April 17.

In addition, three respite periods of five days each are introduced in the middle of the first two quarters, which are the longest. The first of these bridges is scheduled a month and a half after the start of the lessons. Thus, October 29 and October 2 are set as non-teaching November, which join November 1, a national holiday, and at the end of week.

The second five-day break will consist of the weekend, national holidays of December 6 and 8 and December 7, which it will be non-academic. Finally, a third long bridge is established at carnival, by joining a weekend with three non-school days: 25 and 28 February and March 1.

With this calendar, Primary students will have 69 days of class in the first trimester, 62 in the second and 46 in the third. In the case of Secondary, there will be 66 school days in the first period, 62 in the second and 49 in the third.

Other educational levels

At other educational levels, the course will begin on the following dates:

  • September 15: higher artistic education.
  • September 17: Face-to-face Vocational Training (FP), professional teaching of plastic arts and design, and sports education under a special regime.
  • September 20: elementary artistic teachings and music and dance professionals.
  • September 23: Basic FP.
  • October 4: official language teaching, education of adults and distance vocational training.

The end dates of the classes at those levels are the following:

  • May 26: official language teachings
  • May 31: higher artistic teachings
  • June 10: elementary and professional artistic teachings of music and dance.
  • June 24: Face-to-face and distance VT, basic VT, teachings plastic arts and design professionals, sports education special regime and adult education.


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