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More than 60,000 students of technical and technological careers summoned to the Colombia Saber T&T State test

December 16, 2021

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On October 9 and 10, the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education - Icfes will carry out the second fully electronic application of State tests of the year. The more than 60,000 people registered for the electronic Saber T&T test, at HOME or on the application SITE, who have already fulfilled 75% of the credits of their technical and technological programs, can consult their citation at co Likewise, the 115 people who will present Saber TyT Exterior can do it.

"Thanks to the Saber T&T test, it is possible to evaluate the quality of this level of education. This test provides the country, and the technical and technological higher education institutions, with important information to establish public policies. Colombia is a benchmark in Latin America in terms of the standardized evaluation of technical and technological programs and since 2016 a schedule has been established to apply this test twice a year ", explained the Director General of Icfes, Mónica Ospina Londoño, and announced that" this time we are citing more than 60 thousand registered, of which more than 45 thousand will take their exam at CASA and 16 thousand will do it at the application site designated by Icfes ".

"We want to tell all of them that we have prepared the Toolbox 'Get acquainted with Saber T&T', which consists of a complete set of free instruments that allows them to know the type of questions of this State test," reported the official, who He highlighted the benefits of this initiative that includes 'The Icfes has a preicfes', explained examples of questions, general information about the test, as well as how the results of the test are delivered and interpreted.

"We want students of technical and technological careers to also have access to this novelty. In it they will find material from the five generic modules that are applied in Saber T&T: Critical Reading, Written Communication, Quantitative Reasoning, Citizen Competences, and English and they will be able to consult it offline and online ", reported Ospina Londoño, and invited those mentioned to also review the modules with types of questions on specific tests offered by the tool at the following link

Icfes suggests that students check their citation in advance to enter the exact day and time it was cited, as well as the place for those who will take the test on site. All those mentioned in CASA are also reminded of the importance of carrying out the authentication and registration process of their identity in a timely manner, which is an essential requirement to present this State exam from their residence or a private place.

To consult the place and time of the appointment to the tests, you must enter the institutional portal, where you will find a banner and a button that will take you to the citations. You can also make the query through the "Exams" tab, indicating in "Higher education" the test of interest and looking for the "Citations" section. Icfes invites you to consult your summons on time and to review it permanently since modifications may be presented, this in order to preserve the health of those summoned to the application and their families. Learn here the step by step to consult your citation, enter directly in the following route

Any additional information about the summons to Saber TyT can be contacted with the Icfes at the line 601-484-1460 either from Bogotá, from national landline or from cell phone to landline, by email at or through chat Icfes online, available at, at the following link:

On the other hand, the official reported that, for the electronic test in the application SITE, the Icfes will provide, as it has done since 2020, all the biosafety conditions in accordance with the Protocol adopted jointly with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for the conducting state tests.

The exam will take place in a generic test session, compulsory for all registrants. It is essential to check the summons in advance to know if specific evidence must also be presented in the same session.

On the other hand, to the application site, students must attend with face masks, keeping social distancing and carry a valid identity document to present proof of State: citizenship card, identity card, immigration card for foreigners residing in Colombia , driver's license for national students, passport for nationals or foreigners and password or proof of document in process with photo. It is important to note that, although the test is electronic, the student must carry a pencil to perform the required mathematical operations, and a black ink pen for signatures.

Likewise, more than 500 people with disabilities will present their test in one of the different categories offered by the Icfes for this population, so that they can access inclusive tests so that many more Colombians can approach the State exams.

Recommendations for the authentication and registration process

In case of doubts during the identity registration process, those registered for the Saber TyT test can contact Icfes through the telephone line 018000113424 or in the chat enabled within the Sumadi application, the platform on which the test will be applied and which is located in the lower right part of the screen.

If the problem is with the application, the registrant can send an email to soporte_pricació with full name, type of document, document number, EK code, contact number and description of the failure, preferably with graphic evidence (photo, screenshot or video), and the Icfes support team will be in touch as soon as possible. It is recommended that the registrant verify that their names and surnames are correctly written and if there is any error, contact support attaching an image of the document in which their names and surnames are displayed.

It is also important to take into account that the computer used for the registration and authentication stage must be the same as the one used for the application of the test, and in case other computer equipment must be used, ensure that this complies with the technical requirements requested and that the indicated application has been downloaded. The authentication and registration process can be carried out 24 hours a day until October 6 and the help desk is available between 6 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon.

'Get Familiar with Know T&T' Toolkit

The Icfes makes available to the students of the country, a version of its innovative Toolbox 'Familiarize yourself with Knowledge', now for TyT. The initiative is available at in online and offline modes so that all students can consult it for free, and is part of a set of actions that have been generated within the framework of the current Educational Policy that facilitates being able to become familiar with the type of questions designed by the Institute itself.

Within this instrument, the Institute has enabled the tool 'The Icfes has a Preicfes' so that the people summoned to the exams can familiarize themselves whenever they wish with the type of questions of the State tests in a virtual and free way both on the web, as in the application for Android and IOS Icfes from any mobile device.

The Toolbox offers students not only familiarize themselves with the exam, but also with content developed by the Institute itself that allows them to see how their progress is going in the different areas. This is a free process for all students in the country and designed to be used by those who have and do not have internet connectivity. This initiative is available at or at the following address



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