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Mess with Greek high school exams

September 26, 2023

Original Article:

A picture of chaos in the high school exams today as a problem with the Subject Base resulted in many schools not taking the exams in the 1st and 2nd high schools and the students of the 3rd high school, who have the Panhellenic exams ahead of them, to wait for hours in order to be examined.

According to the information, the exams that did not take place today will be moved to the end of the exam schedule, with each school shaping its own schedule accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Educational Policy is awaiting detailed information from EDYTE on the cause of the problem that arose this morning.

Staff fiasco

For today's new "staff" fiasco of the Ministry of Education with the blackout of the Theme Bank, the ND government and Mrs. Kerameos personally are responsible, complains N. Filis.

"Since the morning, the Subject Bank has "fallen" and high school principals and teachers are unable to retrieve subjects and draw them for the examinations. In a panic, the acting Minister of Education, Mr. Kittas, recommends... "patience".

It is unknown where he is and what he is doing, the elected Minister of Education at the IEP and responsible for the operation of the Subject Bank, Mr. Antoniou. He finally managed to turn back the education clock to 2014, as was his declared vision! Let the teachers wait now together with a few tens of thousands of students in the classrooms.

Mrs. Kerameos left and instead of a ministry she handed over to the acting minister the results of a dissolving and destructive presence for education", he concludes.

Inadequacy of New Democracy

PASOK - Movement for Change issued a statement criticizing the former Minister of Education and the administration of the Institute of Educational Policy, on the occasion of the problems presented in the intra-school exams with the subject bank.

"Obviously, the caretaker government and the caretaker minister of education have no responsibility for the delay of the exams in all the country's high schools, due to the inability to operate the electronic platform of the Subject Bank of the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP).

We have repeatedly highlighted the fact of not upgrading to the digital platforms of education and the virtual abandonment of the digital school.

Unfortunately, the inadequacy of the policy of New Democracy and the administration of the IEP appointed by Mrs. Kerameos caused the unprecedented disturbance of students and teachers. At the same time, the institution of the Subject Bank, which is a modernizing step in the operation of our schools, is being introduced. It is necessary to immediately upgrade the digital operation in the entire range of educational services, as well as the attribution of responsibilities for the students' test".


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