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Know the conclusions of the results of Colombia's Saber Tests

September 20, 2022

Original Article:

The original article requires translation. 

The Icfes and the Ministry of Education announced the results of the Saber Tests applied to grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 that were presented in 2021 by approximately 112,000 students in 1,502 educational centers nationwide.

This initiative seeks to provide information about the performance of students in the fundamental areas of basic primary and secondary education, as well as socio-emotional skills and factors that can affect the development of learning.

The main findings correspond to October and November 2021 and were obtained under the electronic modality during the period of alternation of educational institutions. On the other hand, the evidence presented from April 18 to 21 of this year was “by hand”.

One of the main conclusions was that the best results were obtained by students of high socioeconomic status, in private institutions and in urban areas.

The gap between the public and private sectors is 63-73 points, according to Icfes . However, the entity clarified that the sample of public schools was 81% of the total, while that of private schools was 19%, which implies that the comparison of results is biased. The most marked differences were in civic thinking and mathematics.

Regarding this last area of ​​knowledge, it was possible to show that the Pacific region had the worst result, they were below the national average in all the grades that presented the test. The third grade achieved 378 points; the fifth, 381 and the ninth, 372.

In contrast, the Central East regions showed results above the national average in all areas. In math, third graders scored 417; fifth grade, 428 and ninth grade, 433.

The area of ​​the country that was within the national average was the Coffee Region and Antioquia. In mathematics, the results of the students of these regions showed that in third grade 398 points were obtained; fifth grade, 399; and ninth grade, 402.

Another aspect to highlight is that in general, women obtained better results than men in all areas and grades, except for mathematics in ninth grade, in which the highest score was obtained by men. In any case, this gap is less than 10 points and depending on the size of the sample, they are small or not significant.

On the other hand, the Icfes indicated that it was the first time that a national measurement was carried out in the area of ​​socio-emotional skills, which aims to collect evidence that investigates emotional processes and cognitive regulation. These aspects are not included in other measurements and are important to support the formation of students on a personal level and as citizens.

In this way, emotional self-awareness (recognizing one's own and other people's emotions), emotional self-regulation (which means managing one's own emotions and those of others), and self-motivation (ability to achieve the goals that are set) were explored above all. proposes).

The finding from these tests was that self-motivation is the socio-emotional skill with the greatest effect on basic skills.

In addition, as students progress from primary to secondary education, they become less self-efficacious, something that would be affecting their self-motivation and, therefore, basic skills. This is highly relevant because the family environment could contribute to the development of these emotional skills.

On the other hand, girls develop a better ability to recognize and interpret the feelings of others as they get older.

In any case, Icfes clarified that these results do not represent a source for decision-making because it is necessary to complete the sample with the 2022 baseline.

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