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In Colombia, Education is at the center of the National Development Plan 2022-2026

June 16, 2023

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"The National Development Plan 'Colombia, world power of life' is an exercise in claiming social justice. It is from the territories and with the communities that we are going to implement the transformations of the educational sector to promote territorial equity", affirmed the Minister of Education, Aurora Vergara, from the department of Guainía.

The bases of the National Development Plan 2022-2026 in education are aimed at guaranteeing the right to quality education for all Colombians, through seven strategic lines:

  • Increase the coverage of initial education, within the framework of comprehensive care for early childhood.
  • Resignify the school day for comprehensive training and CRESE education (citizenship, for reconciliation, socio-emotional, anti-racist and for climate change).
  • Increase in resources from the General System of Participations and other national and territorial sources of financing to guarantee an official preschool, basic and secondary education in quality conditions.
  • Dignity and well-being for our teachers as determining agents of change.
  • Strengthening of Public Higher Education Institutions with the reform of Law 30 of 1992, to guarantee the right to higher education.
  • Free enrollment in public higher education, with quality, equity and territorial relevance, gradually advancing towards universalization.
  • New Plan for Educational Spaces as centers of community life and peace, to promote territorial equity and overcome historical gaps in access to education from preschool to higher education.

"In the Government of Change we work so that quality education with a territorial approach is the transforming force to overcome inequality," said the head of the Educational portfolio.

Following the sanction of the PND 2022-2026, the Minister of Education announced the launch of the Program for Immediate Transit to Higher Education (PTIES), a strategy that seeks to facilitate and promote the access of young people from rural and dispersed rural territories to higher education.

This initiative will allow the entry of 16,000 vulnerable young people into the higher education system. Priority will be given to students from intermediate, rural, and dispersed rural municipalities in the country, with low entry rates and transit rates lower than the national average, which is 39.72%.


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