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Icfes reminds what must be taken into account for the State exam

December 09, 2021

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The Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education -Icfes provides a series of recommendations to the more than 650 thousand cited for the application on site, of the tests Saber 11 Calendar A, Pre Saber and Validation of the Academic Baccalaureate, which will be held on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 September at 1,626 application points located in 511 municipalities throughout the national territory. Meanwhile, the Pre Saber test at home, in electronic mode, will take place between Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9 September.

000 of them in the electronic mode at home and the rest on the application site. On the other hand, 6,182 people over 18 years of age will seek to achieve a bachelor's degree in Colombia with the Validants test, 207 of them people with Venezuelan citizenship. "

The official reiterated that, at the end of each of the sessions of the day, students must leave the site to return to the application in the afternoon. In the first session, which will start at 6:45 am, in a staggered manner, and ends around noon, the students will answer 131 questions in the areas of Mathematics, Critical Reading, Social and Citizen Competencies and Natural Sciences. In the afternoon session, where the first mentioned will restart at 1:30 pm, the areas are the same, except Critical Reading, which will be replaced by English questions and in which the students will have to solve 147 questions.

With the Saber 11 exam, the Icfes seeks to provide the student with elements that allow him to carry out a self-evaluation for the development of his life project, check the progress of his competences and contribute to the evaluation of the quality of education in the educational establishments of the country. For its part, the Pre Saber essay exam seeks to familiarize students with the structure and conditions of application of Saber 11.

Indications for the presentation of State tests:

  • The application sites are organized maintaining the social distancing established in the Biosafety Protocol, which is one meter distance between person and person.
  • The sites have sinks, liquid soap dispensers and disposable towels for proper hand washing, as well as alcohol dispensers in places of easy access and permanent transit by examiners and examinees.
  • The use of face masks is mandatory. It should cover the nose and mouth for the entire time people are at the test site.
  • The examination material is delivered completely sealed and disinfected. Once it is uncovered, it can only be manipulated by the examinee, who at the end of the test must deliver the booklet and the answer sheet in the same packaging that received them.
  • All those mentioned must carry their identity document, be it citizenship card, identity card or password with photo and fingerprint, valid passport or national driving license. Anyone who does not have a valid ID with them will not be able to take the exam. If for some reason you do not have one of these, the aforementioned must take the loss report issued by the competent authorities.

For the Venezuelan population, those who registered with PEP can identify the day of the exam with the PEP and with the Venezuelan National Identity Document. Those registered with NES, if at the time of the exam they do not have some of the documents listed above, they will be able to identify themselves and enter the application site by presenting a document with a photo, either the student ID of the IE that registered it, the DNI or any other issued by Colombian public authority. For the Validants exam, Venezuelan nationals who do not have a valid identity document will be able to identify themselves with the Venezuelan identity document.

  • It is necessary to have on hand a pencil with No.2 lead, a cream eraser and a pencil sharpener, which cannot be exchanged or loaned to other examinees.
  • The use of cell phones or any other electronic device is prohibited during the tests, this may lead to the cancellation of the exam. It is important to be attentive at all times to the different indications given by the room managers.
  • Permanently consult and download the citation in advance and locate the exam site to avoid setbacks. It is recommended to calculate very well the time of the transfer from the house to the place where the test will be presented. Have you not consulted your summons?
  • Those mentioned must attend the two sessions of the exam, in the morning and in the afternoon. The day runs from 6:45 in the morning and until after 5:00 in the afternoon, approximately. It is key to review the summons to be clear about the exact time it is being summoned.
  • Icfes invites you not to stay at the test application place at the end of your State exam to avoid crowds at the exit.
  • The Institute invites attendees to fill out the Ethical Commitment, which seeks to contribute to the integral training process of future generations, reinforcing the ethical principles of the students.
For any additional information, you can contact Icfes at line 601-484-1460 either from Bogotá, from national landline or from cell phone to landline, by e-mail or through the Icfes online chat, available at, at the following link:



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