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Colombia Icfes postpones the first semester Saber Pro and TyT test session

July 06, 2023

Original Article:

The Saber Pro and TyT tests that were taking place on the morning of this Saturday, May 27, and that were going to take place this Sunday, May 28, were suspended due to a technological incident, as reported by Icfes in a press release . 

Nearly 20,000 students who were taking their higher education test were affected by this situation and now the appointment to take these tests will be rescheduled. 

"We have had a technological incident in the application of the TyT tests and SaberPro have decided to cancel the application in the morning and reschedule the students," said a spokesperson for the institution on its official Twitter account.

At this time, the Institute indicates that it is making the technical adjustments to the platform to resume the electronic application of the State test for students of technical, technological and professional careers as soon as possible.

"From the Icfes we deeply regret this situation and we present the most sincere apologies to the student community for the impact of the postponement," the document reads. 

It should be noted that this postponement decision also affected the afternoon session of the students who had the second part of the test scheduled for this Saturday, May 27.

This in case the race involves both parts of the test; the generic and the specific. 

"The postponement decision is given after trying to solve , throughout the course of the day, the technical problems presented on the platform, which are due to unforeseen events that could not be evidenced during the enlistment activities and capacity tests that were carried out during more than 2 months in the Institute", explained the Icfes.

Although, it should be highlighted that a percentage of the students who applied to the test this Saturday It should be noted that during the day of May 27, one of May, they managed to complete the test; these results will be taken into account and 'will not need reprogramming' .

Hi Jason, if you have an appointment for tomorrow, May 28, you must attend your presentation at the stipulated time. Greetings!

— ICFES (@ICFEScol) May 27, 2023
At the moment there are no dates for the new application, but the Icfes will be informing through its official accounts and by email the new appointments from next week. 

"The Institute will inform all affected applicants, through the emails and telephone numbers registered in their registration process, and the official communication channels of the institution, the conditions and programming of the new date, time and place of application. of the test," the official statement said.

In addition, one of the entity's spokespersons sent a message to the affected students on the official Icfes Twitter account. "We make infinite excuses to the students who have been affected," he said.

Through this same channel, hundreds of students have expressed their annoyance at what happened, since attendance at the test for many requires transfers from other cities. 


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