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Guatemala Ministry of Education issues the 2021 School Calendar for the public sector

March 24, 2021

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With Agreement No. 3663-2020, the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) published the 2021 School Calendar guidelines for public sector educational centers that will govern the school year for the following year.
Said publication states in article 1 that the school calendar is valid for public sector educational centers of all levels, modalities and forms of educational delivery.
It also refers that the provisions of the Health Alert System for the Covid-19 Emergency should be considered and take into account the health protocols for returning to school.
Classes start on February 15
The calendar indicates that on January 4, administrative activities and the adaptation of educational centers will resume. Classes will begin on February 15, while on February 21 the school year will be organized and planned in all educational establishments.
Also, in that period the first recovery opportunity will take place and the second will be from March 1 to 7. On February 15 and 17, the School Risk Management Committee will be formed, and from 17 to 19 of the same month the School Safety Plan will be updated.
On March 3, the registration of students is expected to open to carry out the 2021 graduation evaluation, and the closing of the same will be on April 30. The Easter break was established from March 29 to April 3 and the diagnostic evaluation of the graduates from June 1 to August 16.
End of school year

Graduate supervised practice will begin on October 1. On the other hand, November 20 and 21 will be the last day of classes for the weekend plan, and for the daily plan it is expected to be November 23.

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