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Decline in ATAR Scores Shakes Up University Entry Standards in NSW

January 15, 2024

Original Article:

In a marked shift in Australian education, 2023 has seen a noticeable dip in the University entry scores, or Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), in several courses in New South Wales (NSW). This trend is particularly evident in degrees related to engineering, health science, and mathematics education. As per the released data, the University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) bachelor of engineering in renewable energy with honours now requires an ATAR of 80.25, a drop by 13.95 points compared to the previous year.

Unexpected Dips and Steady Stakes
Similarly, other courses have also experienced significant shifts. UTS’s bachelor of health science and the University of Wollongong’s bachelor of mathematics education have seen substantial reductions in ATAR requirements. Despite this downward trend, some popular courses have managed to hold their ground. For instance, the business course at UTS and commerce at the University of NSW maintained the same entry requirements as prior years.

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Statistics and Future Offers
Although there has been a decline in ATAR requirements for several courses, the overall statistics tell a different story. This year, over 70,000 students applied to NSW universities, with 35,887 set to receive offers. Interestingly, the minimum ATAR accepted across 820 courses slightly increased by .25 points on average. The Universities Admissions Centre, which released this data, announced that another round of offers is scheduled for January 11, 2024.

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Popular Choices and Aspirations
The most sought-after course this year was medicine at the University of NSW, garnering 1481 first preferences. This was closely followed by the bachelor of business at UTS. Among the many hopeful applicants is Sophie Barbour, a student boasting a 99.00 ATAR. Barbour aims to study law at the University of Sydney, a course that requires a 99.50 ATAR, demonstrating the high academic aspirations of NSW students.


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