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Czech Republic Graduation at a glance: What will the tests look like and how do you succeed according to Cermat?

May 17, 2022

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The common part of the Matura exam in the form of didactic tests is approaching, specifically it will take place from 2 to 4 May. REFRESHER has prepared a brief overview for you, when the test takes place, how much time you have for it or when you will find out the results.

At the beginning it is necessary to remind that mathematics is not a compulsory part of the high school diploma. You can decide if you prefer math or a foreign language. If you decide to do math, you will be the first to go. Didactic tests in mathematics are written on May 2 at eight o'clock.

How much time does it take to write a test?
From this year, the time limit for solving the didactic test in mathematics has been increased by 15 minutes to 135 minutes.

What will the test look like?
There will be 25 tasks in the didactic test, of which 11 are closed (tasks with an offer of answers) and 14 are open without an offer of answers. For some open tasks, the test workbook
states that the entire solution procedure must be recorded in the record sheet. If you only write the result, even if it is correct, the answer will not count.

What are the allowed tools?
You can use the following allowed tools:
  • Writing instruments (blue or black writing pencil for writing in the record sheet, erasable pens are not allowed for writing in the record sheet, ordinary pencil, colored pencils or markers for notes or underlining in the test booklet)
  • Mathematical, physical and chemical tables for secondary schools. It is also possible to include so-called summaries among the permitted aids, which, however, must not contain information beyond the tables for secondary schools. There must be no notes or inscriptions in the publications
  • Drawing supplies (pencil, eraser, ruler, triangle with line, protractor, compass)
  • Calculator without graphical and programming mode, without solving equations and editing
  • algebraic expressions. The calculator must not plot graphs, must not simplify
  • algebraic expressions containing a variable, nor must it compute the roots of algebraic or other equations. 
  • How many points are needed to pass the test?
  • The exam is evaluated centrally - the evaluation of closed tasks takes place electronically and open tasks are evaluated on the basis of uniform instructions by the evaluator of open tasks (this function is performed by trained high school mathematics teachers). You can get a total of 50 points for correct solutions to all tasks in the test. You need 17 points to succeed.

Read the full article for more information.


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