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Colombia Icfes announced the new date for the presentation of the Saber Pro tests

July 17, 2023

Original Article:

The Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education (Icfes) reported through its web portal that the Saber Pro and TyT tests for the first semester were scheduled for June 25 under the pencil and paper modality at the application site.

The tests were scheduled for May 27 and 28, but due to problems in the system , ICFES had to postpone them.

The entity highlighted that, with this decision, nearly 250,000 enrolled students will be able to take the test in conditions of opportunity and quality.

In addition, as of June 10, 2023, interested students will be able to consult the Icfes website, option "citation", the place and day of presentation of the test.

In the same way, the certificates of attendance and delivery of results, scheduled to be delivered on July 8 and October 7 respectively, are maintained according to the established calendar.

Interested abroad
For applicants abroad, it is planned that they take the Saber Pro and TyT test  on July 2, under the virtual modality at home.

Students who want more information or have any concerns, may contact the telephone line  (601) 5144370  "option 5", or  email

According to Andrés Molano, director of Icfes, on the morning of Saturday May 27, about 30,000 students attended the presentation of the test but unfortunately the system did not respond, and for Sunday May 28, it was planned that 40,000 students will take it”, highlighted Molano.

He also stressed that there was a percentage of students who managed to satisfactorily complete the test during the day of May 27, so their results will be taken into account and will not need rescheduling.

What do the tests consist of?

The State Examination of the Quality of Higher Education, Saber TyT, is a standardized evaluation instrument for the external measurement of the quality of higher education that evaluates the competences of students who are close to completing the different professional and technical programs. technological.

Saber TyT is made up of a group of generic skills and another of specific ones. The first set assesses five generic modules: Critical Reading, Quantitative Reasoning, Citizenship Competencies, Written Communication and English . The second group is made up of three modules associated with specific themes and content that students can present according to their training area: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Assembly, Maintenance and Operation of Machinery and Equipment, and Assembly, Maintenance and Installation of Hardware and Software .

ICFES Results
According to the most recent results by territorial entity, the average is led by  Bogotá with 271.5 global points, followed by Boyacá with 268.4, Santander  with 267.7 and Cundinamarca with 263.8 points. The last place in this table is occupied by the department of Chocó with 206 global points, seven points below Vaupés , which registered 213.7 points.

 Regarding the record of the best schools in these tests, the Liceo Campo David in the city of Bogotá ranked first , which obtained 382 global points, followed by  CE Boston Internacional  in  Barranquilla  with 881 global points and the Diana Bilingual School. Oese  de Cali with 377 global points. The global points are given after the sum of the five categories that qualify in these tests, which are: reading, mathematics, social studies, natural sciences and English.


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