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Denmark Abitur: starting signal for exams

May 18, 2022, 17:34 PM
For almost 300 students in Frankenthal, the written Abitur begins. It is the second final exam under Corona conditions. Relief for all headmasters: None of the young people has Covid-19 or is in quarantine as a contact person.
Title : Denmark Abitur: starting signal for exams
Source : Die Rheinpfalz
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For almost 300 students in Frankenthal, the written Abitur begins this week. It is the second final exam under Corona conditions. Relief for all headmasters: None of the young people has Covid-19 or is in quarantine as a contact person.

"The students behaved very sensibly during the Christmas holidays and reduced their contacts as much as possible," reports Stefan Rudloff, head of the upper secondary school at the Robert Schuman Integrated Comprehensive School (IGS). As a precaution, the last lessons in the advanced courses were run online. “There are currently no known cases of infection or quarantine,” informs Rudloff on request. According to the upper school head, the vaccination rate among high school graduates is over 95 percent. In order to ensure sufficient distance, the exams are written in the sports hall and in the canteen. "Both rooms can be well ventilated." In addition, the students also have to wear masks during the exams, but mask breaks are possible during the ventilation times. Before exams begin, unvaccinated students must provide proof of testing or take a self-test. The test is voluntary for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. "But we strongly recommend him," says Rudloff.

Fourth time Abi at the IGS
The possibility of taking the Abitur at the IGS in Frankenthal is still relatively new. This year, the fourth year with 41 students is taking the exams. It starts on Friday with the subject German, the exam phase ends on January 21 with the exams in biology and chemistry. "For some colleagues in our still young upper school, it is the first Abitur examination," says the head of the upper school. That is why there is a certain tension and excitement in both the staff and the students. "But everyone involved is highly motivated and prepared as best as possible, so that they will certainly successfully master the Abitur," Rudloff is certain.

The Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium (AEG) started the examination phase on Wednesday with 131 high school graduates. First up: the subject of biology. There are currently no young people who are in quarantine and therefore cannot take notes, says headmistress Sabine Schanz. The whole team hope it stays that way. "We are courageous, hope and keep our fingers crossed," says Schanz, describing the mood among colleagues and students.

AEG: More rooms, more supervision
The corona pandemic also requires special precautions in the AEG. In order to ensure a distance of two meters between the seats, significantly more rooms - and thus more supervisors - would be needed than in normal times. Here too - as in the other schools - the mask requirement applies with appropriate breaks during the ventilation. At the AEG, the vaccination rate among high school graduates is also high: according to Schanz, seven out of 131 exam participants are not immunized against the corona virus. You must submit a test as required or test yourself before the start of the exam at school.

The gymnasium at the Karolinen-Gymnasium (KG) was carpeted and heated especially for the exams. In this way, a pleasant examination room was created in which the 125 students can write their Abitur with the distance required by Corona, explains headmaster Christian Bayer. He also attributes the fact that there are no cases of infection at the KG to the responsible behavior of the students. “We are very grateful for that,” says Bayer on behalf of the college. "There was also a bit of luck, so that nobody has had to be in quarantine so far." The vast majority of high school graduates at KG are also vaccinated.

KG: Hoping for graduation
With social studies, history, sports, fine arts and computer science, five subjects were on the agenda at the start on Wednesday. The atmosphere around the exam dates is always special, says Bayer. "On days like this, you always feel a special bond at school." It is important for all teachers to support the students, who are always a bit nervous. The written examination phase ends on January 26th. Immediately after the winter holidays, on March 3rd, the Abitur grades will be announced. From March 16th to 18th there will be oral exams before the graduation ceremony is scheduled to take place on March 24th. The rector of the KG hopes that the pandemic situation will make a celebration possible by then. To say goodbye to a second year again only at a distance,

The written exams for the vocational diploma at the Andreas Albert School do not begin until the end of May. In the technical college at the Friedrich-Schiller-Realschule plus and at the Freie Waldorfschule in Frankenthal, the critical phase for the final exams does not start until later in the school year.


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