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Corona-Matura 2021: how Austria's school-leaving exam works this year

Sep 14, 2021, 11:07 AM
In 2021, there will be simplifications for the written and oral school-leaving Matura exams in Austria.
Title : Corona-Matura 2021: how Austria's school-leaving exam works this year
Source : Vienna
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With the cancellation of the mandatory oral Matura, the mandatory presentation of the pre-scientific papers / diploma theses as well as various other facilitations, the maturity examination looks different again this year than in "normal" years.

Compared to the first "Corona Matura" in the previous year, there is also a further concession - especially in mathematics at the AHS.

Oral Matura voluntary, only three written exams

In "normal years" the Matura consists of seven compulsory partial exams: One is the writing and presentation of a pre-academic thesis (AHS) or diploma thesis (BHS) as well as three or four written exams (Zentralmatura) and (depending on the number of written exams) three or two oral exams.

In the previous year, some of it was deleted due to the corona pandemic : The pre-scientific papers / diploma theses had to be written, but not presented. The number of written exams was set at three and the oral Matura only had to be completed voluntarily. Further relief: The annual grade was included in the Matura grade and the working time for the written Matura was extended by one hour.

The new regulation is intended to prevent the submission of empty exams

This year, these rules will apply again in a very similar way. Small restriction: For the inclusion of the annual grade, 30 percent of the points must be achieved this time in the written Matura - this should avoid giving in blank sheets. And a fourth written exam can be taken voluntarily. If you volunteer orally in a subject, this will be included in the grade and will also be noted in the certificate. If you do not start, the grade of the annual report will be noted in this subject in the school-leaving certificate. If you do not start, you will receive the annual grade in your school-leaving certificate.

Points key for mathematics high school diploma will be changed

In addition, there is an additional great relief in the largest "problem subject", mathematics at the AHS. The point key is changed here. Up until now, the central math school-leaving exam was divided into a basic section ("Type 1") and an in-depth section ("Type 2"). In both cases 24 points were to be achieved, so a total of 48. For a "Sufficient", 16 points had to be achieved in the basic part (whereby individual "bonus points" could also be credited in Part 2) or a total of 24 points had to be collected, the exact differentiation of the positive ones The grade was then given in the in-depth section.

From this year it will be easier: The basic part remains unchanged (24 tasks with one point each), but in the more text-heavy and application-oriented in-depth part, only twelve points are awarded - a total of 36. In this in-depth part itself there is then a task with four Points to be achieved independently of each other as well as three tasks with four points each. Within these last three examples, in turn, there is a "best of rating": Only those two are used for the grading in which the most points were achieved. In addition, there is only one total settlement of the points - it does not matter in which part they are collected. A sufficient is given to those who manage 17 points. From 22 points there is a satisfactory, from 27 a good and from 32 a very good.


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