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Belgium Minister of Education gives indications on end-of-year exams and learning delays

Jun 29, 2022, 12:23 PM
School resumes in Belgium with the Minister of Education announcing an opportunity to lookin into upcoming exams and the learning delays that are still being felt through the health crisis.
Title : Belgium Minister of Education gives indications on end-of-year exams and learning delays
Source : Le Soir
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The original article requires translation.

It’s the last straight line before the end-of-year exams. Caroline Désir, the Minister of Education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation was the guest of La Première this Tuesday morning.

The health crisis has prevented students in schools in Belgium from following a linear curriculum. This created learning difficulties and delays for some. The schools then made the choice of benevolence, the key word of Minister Désir, and let some latecomers pass to the next year, given the teaching circumstances. This year too, the health crisis has again done damage in terms of learning. Between September and December/January, the teachers focused on the "essentials", the points of the program that absolutely must be addressed in order to move on to the next year. For this reason, benevolence and understanding will remain in place at the end of the year, during the deliberations.

“Some students have suffered a lot from the past three years of crisis. There are still learning delays. It is not because the contaminations are decreasing that the educational delays are also improving, ”explained the Minister of Education.

The CEB, the CESS and the CE1D were carried out on the basis of these “essential” subjects. The minister believes that if certain points of material have not been addressed, unlike the pre-covid programs, the students know what to focus on for the end of this year.

To pass the CEB without stress, "  Le Soir  " offers you a series of exercises to revise. Test yourself now in 20 questions:

Ukrainian refugee students

How to prepare for the arrival of all these Ukrainian students? “It has already started,” says Caroline Désir. There are almost 1,300 students enrolled in the schools of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In any case, these are the figures before Easter. It is expected to continue to grow, but it is unclear by exactly how many children. »

“They are mainly welcomed in ordinary classes, or else with a special device with additional teaching to reinforce their learning of French. Some speak neither English nor French. The educational challenges are significant. »

“There is a significant concentration in Brussels. This is logical, because the refugees arrive through the big cities. About 500 of the students are in the capital. But we do not manage this distribution. It is the accommodation in which they are welcomed that will determine the school in which they will follow an education. »

The minister reacted to the fact that there are around 10,000 Ukrainian children who have arrived in Belgium, and yet only 1,300 in schools. “Many of them want to go back to their country (after the war). Brothers and fathers are still there in Ukraine. The country offers distance education for little Ukrainians.


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