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The Examination for Access to Higher Education (EAES) is eliminated in Ecuador

Aug 30, 2021, 19:45 PM
The Exam for Access to Higher Education (EAES) is eliminated and in its place there will be a evaluation what will measure skills and abilities. Originally, it was reported that next Examination of Access to Higher Education (EAES) will be applied and will be 100% online.
Title : The Examination for Access to Higher Education (EAES) is eliminated in Ecuador
Source : World Today News
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The secretary of Higher education, Alejandro Ribadeneira, announced this Tuesday, June 15, 2021 that Since 2012, in Ecuador There is a test to access places in institutions of public higher education, from the country.

The Secretariat iHe indicated that he works on the transformation of the higher education system of the Ecuador, that responds to the interest of young people to access the institution and career of your choice, by means of a new process admission, which will include a number of changes.

The first modification involves the elimination of the Exam for Access to Higher Education (EAES), and instead it will be implemented To Transform, which will only measure aptitudes and abilities, allowing young people to apply to the offer of places and careers available in universities, polytechnic schools, conservatories and higher technical and technological institutes of the country.

Also, a vocational orientation test, which will serve as a guide when choosing the career that best suits your skills and abilities. This new process will also include changes focused on deepening the benefits directed at the historically excluded groups, and will give greater weight to the effort shown by young people in their school.

This process will begin the fourth week of June, so interested persons should be attentive to the information published on social networks and official channels of the Secretary, in order to find out about the date and respective stages.

As in previous years, this process will have various stages: registration, application and acceptance of quotas, in addition, by the COVID-19, and protecting the health of young people, evaluation it will be on line and for those who do not have a computer or internet, offices will be set up with all the biosecurity measures.

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