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Chile High School Notes (NEM), the Admission 2022 process

Nov 18, 2021, 10:52 AM
About two months before the University Transition Test (PDT) it is important that young people know their High School Notes (NEM) , facing the Admission 2022 process.
Title : Chile High School Notes (NEM), the Admission 2022 process
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About two months before the  University Transition Test (PDT) it is important that young people know their High School Notes (NEM) , facing the Admission 2022 process.

The NEM is the average of grades from first to fourth half and becomes a standard score that influences as a selection factor for admission to participating universities in the 2022 Admission Process.

Thus, in addition to the PDT score, the NEM and the high school grade ranking are part of the final score that will be weighted when applying to universities.

How is the NEM calculated?
The high school graduation grade is obtained by averaging the grade averages for each course, and bringing this result to the second decimal place.

This average is then transformed into a standard score using conversion tables reported by Demre.

It should be noted that there are different scoring tables depending on whether the person studied in a humanistic scientific college (day or adult modality) or professional technical college.

How can I find out my NEM?
Students still in the fourth grade can simulate the grade point average for the fourth grade to find out their NEM.

For example, those who graduate from a daytime Humanistic-Scientific teaching establishment will have the following NEM according to their final average from first to fourth grade.

Final average 4.0: NEM 162 points.
Final average 4.5: NEM 280 points.
Final average 5.0: NEM 399 points.
Final average 5.5: NEM 517 points.
Final average 6.0: NEM 626 points.
Final average 6.5; NEM 735 points.

Final average 7.0: NEM 845 points.

To find out what your NEM is, according to your grades and discharge establishment, check here:

Group A: Humanistic-Scientific High School, daytime.
Group B: Humanistic-Scientific Secondary Education for adults.
Group C: Professional Technical High School Education.


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