Transfer Recruitment & Admissions

Understanding the unique recruitment and admission challenges of distinct transfer population(s), including direct transfer from a community college or other four-year institution, swirling students, adult students, the military population, international transfer students, online students, student athletes or other population unique to your institutional mission. 

Content knowledge requirements: Understanding of different types of transfer students and their unique needs, national recruitment and admission best practices, and institution-specific policies about admission decisions, basic principles of marketing and advertising, Institutional catalog and degree pathways, knowledge and understanding of the Joint Statement on Transfer Credit, AACRAO Transfer Student Bill of Rights, AACRAO Institutional Bill of Rights & Responsibilities, experience with academic programs, degree and general education requirements, course articulation and degree audit systems.

Skill requirements: Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills, public speaking, technology necessary for developing visuals, audience awareness, content knowledge, writing skills, basic grammar and etiquette. Ability to synthesize current research on identified populations to translate into recruitment strategy and advocate for services and programs to meet the needs of the same. 

Ethical requirements: commitment to consistency, equity and fairness in application of policy and to address innovation and new approaches to serve the best interests of the student; commitment to maintain academic integrity of the institution.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Ability to explain the process for transferring, answer questions about degree programs, number of credits transferred, steps to applying, deadlines, etc.; assist in recruitment events, correspond with prospective and applied students.  

Intermediate level: Actively recruit transfer students via various methods, walk students through the admission process, review transfer applications for admission decisions, complete unofficial transcript evaluations, explore new possibilities for transfer partnerships. 

Expert level: Develop a Transfer Recruitment plan (by unique population or as a whole), establish policies relating to the admission and matriculation of transfer students, work with marketing and communication areas to identify recruitment strategies and publications, engage the college community in recruiting transfer students; provide resources and knowledge to transfer orientation, student success classes, or the like.