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AACRAO Takes the Lead for Higher Education to Ensure that the Census Does Not Overstep FERPA Regulations for Off-Campus Student Count | 06/18/2020

Mike Reilly discusses some concerns about what information institutions will be asked to provide as directory information.

  • Michael V. Reilly
  • AACRAO Guidance: The Census, Directory Information, and FERPA | 06/03/2020

    Mike Reilly discusses how institutions can work to provide the U.S. Census Bureau the relevant information needed to complete an accurate count.

  • Michael V. Reilly
  • U.S. Census Operation Update Webinar | 05/28/2020

    Mike Reilly discusses AACRAO's webinar with the U.S. Census Bureau, which provides updates on their modified data collection timeline, procedures, and field operations in light of the pandemic.

    Education Department and NSLDS Reporting Flexibility | 04/29/2020

    Mike Reilly discusses 60 day roster reporting to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

  • Michael V. Reilly
  • COVID-19 Crisis Practices and FERPA Guidance on Remote Work and Virtual Learning | 03/24/2020

    Mike Reilly discusses best practices on virtual access of student records and other issues.