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Evolving the Learning and Employment Ecosystem in Higher Education | 11/22/2023

Both the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) and International Business Machines (IBM) are active in pursuing the development of an ecosystem that enables learners to communicate, with trust and confidence, their skills, competencies and learning to support their next career opportunities. The opportunities might present themselves academically via pursuit of a credential from another institution or in the labor market. In either case, the ability to transmit trusted, verifiable credentials to reviewers with enough information embedded for recipients to discern how these skills translate into their specific contexts is, we believe, crucial for both sectors, and for the learner, as we move into a more volatile future. We felt the combined subject matter knowledge of the two organizations might highlight the need for the learning and employment ecosystem, the challenges to adoption and some recommendations for how to proceed.

  • Rick Goldgar
  • Mark McConahay
  • AACRAO 2023 Hill Day Returns to Capitol Hill | 06/22/2023

    Today, over 20 AACRAO advocates met with nearly 50 Congressional offices to share their practitioner perspective on how policy impacts the work our AACRAO members do on a daily basis.

  • Melanie Gottlieb
  • Headshot of Melanie Gottlieb.

    AACRAO 2022 Hill Day | 07/20/2022

    This week, 32 AACRAO advocates will meet with over 70 Congressional offices to discuss the association's legislative priorities.

  • Melanie Gottlieb