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AACRAO statement on relationship with Dr. William Sedlacek | 03/31/2021

The work of Dr. William Sedlacek has for decades focused on ways to dismantle racism and improve equity. His 2017 book, Measuring Noncognitive Variables (Stylus Publishing), however, includes passages with terminology in direct opposition to our values.

Statement on Asian American Hate Crimes | 03/18/2021

AACRAO condemns the discrimination and hate crimes directed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Congress Confirms President-Elect Biden's Win After Mob Storms Capitol | 01/07/2021

Congress confirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory early Thursday morning, after the normally ceremonial ritual exploded into chaos as a mob stormed and occupied the U.S. Capitol building.

  • Michael V. Reilly
  • Trump Administration Rescinds Directive on International Students Following Swift and Fierce Response from Higher Ed, Students, States, and Others | 07/16/2020

    AACRAO celebrates the swift response of the the higher education community in opposition to the Trump administration's ill-conceived policy that would have required international students to attend in-person classes in the fall in order to remain in the country.

  • Michael V. Reilly