Inter-Collegiate Relationships


Ability to work across academic, student and enrollment services to provide and advocate for resources on behalf of transfer students; in the areas of admissions, orientation and transition services, housing, transfer credit, advising, degree audits, financial aid and other support services. Ability to work with primary feeder and receiving institutions to establish partnerships and opportunities for students. 

Content knowledge requirements: Understanding the structure and relationship between academic, student and enrollment services areas, knowledge of feeder or receiving institution’s majors and curriculum, use of transfer-related technology and programs, experience with relationship building. 

Skill requirements: Excellent communication, collaboration and project management skills.

Ethical requirements: Commitment to consistency, equity and fairness in application of policy and to address innovation and new approaches to serve the best interests of the student; commitment to institutional academic integrity.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Ability to answer questions from internal and external partners; understand the inter-connectivity between departments relating to transfer students; direct students to the correct department. 

Intermediate level: Serve on committees relating to transfer student success; communicate with other campus departments regarding student complaints or questions; engage in conversations with external partners about the needs of transfer students.

Expert level: Develop cross departmental policy; develop institutional and system partnership agreements; lead committees relating to transfer student success; communicate requirements for transfer and credit evaluation technology purchases and improvements; coordinate efforts to offer new services (both internally and externally); establish new and beneficial partnerships with feeder or receiving institutions.