Reporting Progress Towards Enrollment Goals

Develop reports to help inform faculty and higher administration of progress toward achieving enrollment goals.

Content knowledge requirements: Requires a clear understanding of the admission cycle, including conversion rates throughout the cycle. Must be familiar with the institution’s expectations on any specific geographic, ethnic, socioeconomic enrollment targets. Must be knowledgeable of the institution’s historical performance, as well as, the competitive marketplace.

Skill requirements: Good communication skills. Visual thinker. Average to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint or similar software. Working knowledge of how to access and retrieve specific admissions data from the institution’s data warehouse.

Ethical requirements: Conduct aligned to the established AACRAO principles of professional ethics and practice in academic and enrollment services.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Develops and shares routine enrollment reports. Provides information on the past, current, and projected counts for the various characteristics of applicants, admitted students, and paid deposit counts. Collaborates with admission leaders to develop other specific reports as needed.

Intermediate level: Collaborates with the Director of Admissions and other university officials in setting specific and realistic enrollment targets. Develops and reports on admission strategy to achieve desired targets. Provides timely reports necessary to facilitate necessary enrollment and/or target adjustments by the institution’s leadership.

Expert level: Conducts on-going predictive enrollment analysis of the incoming class. Designs and maintains a shared online dashboard using tables and charts to depict current and projected enrollment status.