Market Analysis

Analyze the enrollment landscape for your institution and develop a recruitment plan to help reach your enrollment goals. This includes utilizing search tools to develop a prospect base (such as PSAT and AP), conducting outreach visits to high schools and community colleges, selecting appropriate recruitment fairs both in and out of state- including international, and identifying opportunities to deploy students, faculty, alumni and other potential recruiters.

Content knowledge requirements: Understanding of the sources of data, both institutional as well as external, that can be used to build a recruitment plan. Ability to collate and analyze the data and integrate it into recruitment planning. Ability to anticipate how changes in policy and business practice will impact recruitment trends.

Skill requirements: Strong skills in data analysis, project management, communication, staff development, business process and policy analysis, and creativity required.

Ethical requirements: Conduct aligned with the established AACRAO principles of professional ethics and practice in academic and enrollment services. Ensure that campus codes of conduct and ethics are followed.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Understands the general sources of institutional data and general market data and how analysis is performed by the institutional to develop its communication plan. Develops relationships with institutional research offices and other offices which may provide sources of data.

Intermediate level: Demonstrated success in using institutional and external data to modify and improve an existing recruitment plan to optimize application and yield rates based on the data. Ability to create a recruitment plan for a particular segment or small population of students. Understanding of how to interpret results of data analysis in view of recent changes to policy or business practice.

Expert level: Demonstrated success in using institutional and external data to create a recruitment plan. Integrates census, WICHE, and other national data trends into a multi-year recruitment plan. Plan must be focused and realistic in nature that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the campus.