Government Compliance

Responsible for assisting international students to stay in compliance with the regulations of non-immigrant status in the United States and the university.

Content knowledge requirements: Have knowledge of immigration, SEVIS, and exchange visitor requirements; knowledge of F and J immigration regulations, as well as change of status regulations.

Skill requirements: Ability to multi-task and work as a team member in a dynamic environment; Excellent communication and organizational skills; Ability to learn and understand federal, state, and local regulations; Effective problem solving skills and demonstrated ability to take initiative.

Ethical requirements: Efficiently coordinate with government offices.Promote accuracy and honesty; Support integrity, confidentiality and professionalism; Respond with sensitivity to the needs of a diverse population; Responsibly handle sensitive documents; Strict adherence to protecting student records and data integrity standards.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Familiar with immigration regulations for maintaining legal residency in the United States; Provide support to current students and assist with the recruitment of new students; Advise on cross-cultural issues. 

Intermediate level: Update and maintain student and scholar records in the federal government's database.Serve as Designated School Official (DSO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) and assist with SEVIS compliance; Update and save changes to the information for schools.

Expert level: Draft, save and submit records for students and dependents.Serve as Principal Designated School Official (PDSO); Register schools to use the SEVIS batch interfaces; Submit student and dependent data corrections to SEVIS; Initiate and submit recertification application (Form I-17).