AACRAO relies on member volunteers to support the mission and strategic plan for the organization. As current practitioners in the registrar, admissions and enrollment management professions, our members apply best practices, develop new ways of thinking about and doing our work, and identify strategies for success on campuses. Sharing this on-the-ground understanding enhances the AACRAO knowledge base, increases the value of AACRAO membership, and allows members to grow and develop professionally. In addition to helping others in our profession, participating in a PAC will enhance your professional growth as well.

How long is a committee appointment? 
Committee membership is for three years. However, if a committee member is appointed as the committee vice chair or chair, that person can be reappointed for up to three additional years (one as vice chair and two as chair). The time commitment is dependent on how much you want to engage. The entire PAC meets face to face Sunday afternoon at the Annual Meeting with other opportunities for engagement throughout the year. If appointed as vice chair or chair, there are additional time commitments necessary in addition to attending the annual leadership meeting.

When would I be appointed?
The committee membership year begins and ends with the AACRAO Annual Meeting in the spring. Although the committee year is tied to the Annual Meeting, PAC activities occur throughout the year.

What kinds of committees does AACRAO have?
AACRAO’s Professional Activities Committees span the work of AACRAO. They range from admissions and enrollment management to professional access and equity. The PACs are intended to address issues and topics relevant to the various areas of work in which AACRAO members engage.

What is the composition of the committees?
Ideally, PACs reflect the broad array of institutional types and sizes that constitute AACRAO member institutions. Ordinarily only voting members of the association are permitted to serve on PACs or AACRAO task forces. In exceptional cases where the appointment of other individuals with particular expertise on a topic is deemed to be in the best interest of the Association, the Board of Directors has the authority to appoint such individuals to AACRAO committees and taskforces.

In what way do Professional Activities Committees (PACs) deliver AACRAO's overall professional development program? 

If you join a PAC you will have the opportunity to engage in some or all of the following:

  • prepare program sessions for presentation at the AACRAO Annual Meeting;
  • evaluate activities;
  • undertake special projects to improve the knowledge, expertise, and performance of the members of our profession;
  • conduct research and analyze results;
  • write articles for AACRAO publications; chapters for books, articles for C&U, short articles for Connect;
  • improve your leadership skills and build your professional knowledge base.

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