About AACRAO Research

Strategic Plan


The mission of AACRAO Research is to serve the ongoing research needs of our membership, to contribute to a better understanding of current practice, and to continue to build on the efforts initiated in prior years. In carrying out this mission, the desire is to leverage the expertise of AACRAO members, staff, and partners.


AACRAO Research is focused on becoming a premier source of practice related research and a recognized authority on enrollment services practice within the global higher education community.

Strategic Goals

  1. Provide AACRAO members and the higher education community with timely, salient information regarding institutional practices in enrollment services
    • Deploy key benchmarking reports of interest and service to our members. Deploy Chief Admissions Officer Career profile, Chief Enrollment Management Officer and Registrar career profiles in alternating years.
    • Develop and deploy “60-second surveys” every other month. Timely topics will be selected. Where prior relevant reports exist, changes in practices and results will be identified and reported.
    • Annually author a C&U or a SEMQ article related to research annually.
    • Author or co-author chapters in AACRAO books on an annual basis.
    • Partner on research with other professional organizations and/or government entities of interest to AACRAO members.
    • Publish monthly Eye on Research blog.

  2. Develop an infrastructure for institutions to assess themselves versus their peers and provide opportunities for the identification and transfer of institutional best practices.

  • Refine as needed the AACRAO Research web page to increase the accessibility of AACRAO Research reports as evidenced by increased hits on the AACRAO Research web site.


  1. Contribute to a better understanding of the factors and conditions that impact higher education academic/enrollment services and ultimately student success
  2. Use the Research Advisor Board to engage the membership in determining the focus of the research.
  3. Develop new insights and information for our members to help them successfully lead their institutions in a continually evolving environment
  4. Maintain current partnerships and develop new partnerships with other organizations and associations who share common interests with AACRAO.
  5. Disseminating relevant, up to date, research on student success to practitioners and institutional decision makers.

Email research@aacrao.org for more information.