SEM Assessment

Working collaboratively with appropriate institutional partners, develop, articulate and implement a comprehensive, data-driven process to assess progress towards the institution’s enrollment management plan. Assess the staffing, policy, process, reporting and cultural environment of the institution to determine gaps between current and required readiness to plan and successfully implement SEM plans.

Content knowledge requirements: Understanding and application of SEM core concepts, models, and theories; using quantitative and qualitative data to effectively assess all aspects of a comprehensive SEM plan, including assessment of recruitment and persistence infrastructure and progress towards institutional SEM goals. Understanding of organizational dynamics, theories and systems that impact institution-wide collaboration on SEM.

Skill requirements: Ability to incorporate assessment activities as a regular part of daily practice; recognize the regulatory or legal influences which may guide programs and services supporting progress towards SEM goals; ability to analyze and understand the interconnectedness of SEM systems, strategies and tactics; employ assessment measures that ensure comprehensive and accurate data collection; understanding of both quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies.

Ethical requirements: Willingness to honestly examine SEM infrastructure, identifying areas of excellence as well as areas for improvement; honest interpretation of data as a means of evaluating progress towards SEM goals; willingness to actively solicit and incorporate feedback from SEM stakeholders into assessment summaries.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Assessment practices used to evaluate individual programs and events. Evaluates performance of administrative units, their policies and practices.

Intermediate level: Assessment practices used to evaluate individual programs and events, using results to connect progress to larger SEM goals. Actively uses results to inform some elements of the institution’s SEM plan, infrastructures, strategies or tactics. Conducts comprehensive assessment of enrollment units to evaluate staff levels and deployment and skill sets. Evaluates policies and procedures to align them with strong, efficient business practices.

Expert level: Assessment practices holistically embedded as a routine part of all SEM activities as well as connecting those activities to a larger assessment of progress towards SEM goals; regularly reports progress with institutional leadership and key stakeholders. Actively uses results to inform all aspects of the institution’s SEM infrastructures, strategies or tactics and as a means of more actively pursuing achievement of SEM goals. In addition to intermediate-level skills, evaluates the institution’s ability to work collaboratively across offices, units and divisions and develops mechanisms to enhance institution-wide collaboration.