Peer Learning

Find your niche in the AACRAO Community. Explore digital ways to get involved and connect with fellow members.

AACRAO Collective

Held on the fourth Thursday of every month, this monthly Zoom is an opportunity for all AACRAO members to connect, exchange, and commune. Members receive an invitation via their roster listed email address. 

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Caucus Gatherings

Caucus Gatherings are an opportunity to hear from fellow Caucus members and share personal and professional experiences on the second Tuesday of every month.

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Doctoral Student Network

The Doctoral Studies Network invites AACRAO’s current, future, and past doctoral students to engage and interact around shared experiences. Ph.D., Ed.D., or other doctoral-level degrees are invited to join. Meet and greet your fellow lifelong learners.

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EDGE User Network

AACRAO EDGE subscribers convene on the third Thursday of each month to hear about new features and projects, share ideas, and ask pressing questions on international recruitment, admissions, academic placement, and the evaluation of international transfer credit.

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