Understand the recruitment challenges of international students; employ reliable resources and services for international recruitment.

Content knowledge requirements: Understand international benchmark credentials and their indigenous terms to request from applicants; Support international students in having a successful adjustment to the United States; Develop timely communication plans and use most current communication tool, to help international applicants stay knowledgeable about your institution.

Skill requirements: Develop website content specific to international students. Demonstrate good networking and time management skills; Demonstrate strong analytical and problem solving skills and be results-driven; Promote an institutional culture that celebrates diverse, multicultural, and intercultural learning.

Ethical requirements: Able to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries.Promote integrity, confidentiality and professionalism; Be sensitive while responding appropriately to the needs of a diverse population.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Participate in international recruitment activities; Assist with the planning and coordination of international student orientation. 

Intermediate level: Maintain social media for student engagement.Plan, promote and conduct student activities; Advise organizations and universities about opportunities for international student programs.

Expert level: Develop and implement effective recruitment and admissions strategies for international students.Plan and run excursions, receptions, and other events for visiting student special program groups; Serve as a liaison with faculty and staff on academic and personal matters related to success of international students; Train staff to maximize recruitment tools and technology.