Study Abroad

Understand the recruitment challenges of international students; employ reliable resources and services for international recruitment.

Content knowledge requirements: Identify different study abroad program types/ approaches and the benefits of each; Determine the roles and responsibilities of all parties, including the home institution, host institution, participants and program providers; Employ best practices in record keeping, including requesting adequate data and documentation.

Skill requirements: Assess international credit for both transferability and applicability to the home institution.Effective problem solving skills and demonstrated ability to take initiative; Strong oral, written, and intercultural communication skills.

Ethical requirements: Ability to interact professionally with study abroad program representatives, faculty and students; Strict adherence to protecting student records and data integrity standards; Respond with sensitivity to the needs of a diverse population.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Strict adherence to protecting student records and data integrity standards; Ensure completion of course approval and transcript processing upon student return from study abroad.

Intermediate level: Increase participation in study abroad programs within assigned portfolio; Host and present various study abroad related workshops.

Expert level: Expand study abroad opportunities and participation through the institution; Provide direction and feedback to the advising staff to ensure efficiency, consistency, and improvement of the student experience; Design and implement pre-departure orientation for students.