Enrollment Technology

Employ technology to develop innovative, efficient, and quality enrollment management processes and services.

Content knowledge requirements: Broad understanding of emerging technologies utilized in enrollment, as well as how these technologies are implemented, developed and supported. Understanding of the differences between the cost of acquisition, deployment and ownership of technologies and the impact on budgets. Understanding of how various use of technology can impact service students and the efficiency within the enrollment units. Understanding of the interaction between various technologies as they impact the enrollment process.

Skill requirements: Ability to assess costs associated with acquiring, deploying and owning various technologies. Ability to establish priorities through understanding of the business case for technologies. Ability to understand scope, timeline, and budget of various technology projects.

Ethical requirements: Strict adherence to professional standards and ethical statements of associated professional organizations. Strict adherence to protecting student records and data integrity standards.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Broad understanding how technologies impact enrollment processes and/or service to students.

Intermediate level: Ability to measure and articulate the impact of technologies on enrollment processes and/or service to students. Conduct analysis necessary to determine costs and potential savings associated with introduction of new technologies.

Expert level: Understanding of interaction between existing technologies within enrollment processes and their contributions in contributing to institutional enrollment management goals. Ability to prioritize and make the business case for the introduction of new technologies, including securing additional resources where necessary.