Academic Policy & Curriculum Delivery

Content knowledge requirements: Knowledge of leading practices in catalog content and production, curriculum management, course scheduling, documentation of academic policy and academic program management.

Skill requirements: Strong communication, writing, and editing. Ability to serve as a key advisor to faculty and administration. Ability to manage and implement complex policies and business processes.

Ethical requirements: Conduct aligned with the established AACRAO principles of professional ethics and practice in academic and enrollment services. Ensure that campus codes of conduct and ethics are followed.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Understanding of academic policies of the institution. Functional knowledge of all processes to deliver courses and academic programs. Ability to manage a key component of academic service delivery such as course catalog production.

Intermediate level: Participation in the development of academic policy through academic committee service. Establishment of trust with faculty and institutional decision makers through demonstrated ability to contribute to policy development, creation of efficient course delivery processes, and creative solutions to address academic needs.

Expert level: Established and trusted partner with academic and institutional leadership. Recognized as an expert on the delivery of the institutions academic programs. Highly engaged in the development of academic policy. Ability to guide discussion and translate academic policy into implementable solutions. Analyzes, evaluates, and improves the delivery of academic programs on a continuous basis. Anticipates academic needs of the institution and develops process sans services to meet them.