Determining Enrollment Mix

Partner with academic affairs to determine optimum enrollment mix for institutional academic programs, branch campuses, and online programs, as well as student enrollment based on demographics such as geographic diversity, socio-economic, racial/ethnic diversity, and other considerations. Partner with finance to determine how the optimal mix of students creates and sustains net revenue to fuel institutional health.

Content knowledge requirements: Requires a fundamental understanding of institutional structure, culture and mission and the ability to align the allocation of the class to these elements. Competency in communication and negotiation in working with key stakeholders and leadership to define enrollment targets. Effective use of statistical processes and interpretation, ability to use data from different sources, and effectively use data to inform institutional enrollment planning. Understanding of the complexities of various enrollment targets and ability to convey these complexities to institutional leaders. Enrollment forecasting, including net revenue forecasting, is essential.

Skill requirements: Ability to digest, synthesize and communicate significant amounts of enrollment data and brief leadership on the complex issues. Analytical skills necessary to understand the trade-offs and complexities associated with determining enrollment targets. Ability to leverage institutional aid to achieve enrollment mix and net revenue targets.

Ethical requirements: Strict adherence to professional standards and ethical statements of associated professional organizations. Adherence to the mission and vision of the institution with regard to enrollment targets. Compliance with federal and state laws with regard to fulfillment of enrollment targets.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: General understanding of the key institutional enrollment targets and manner in which these targets are established.

Intermediate level: Ability to analyze enrollment trends, identify the complexities of competing enrollment priorities, and contribute to decisions regarding institutional enrollment mix.

Expert level: Provide leadership to engage the institution in thoughtful discussions on determining student enrollment mix, including the ability to convey and negotiate the complexities of establishing enrollment targets. Effectively use, interpret, and communicate data from a multitude of sources to inform institutional enrollment mix decisions. Analyze and optimize institutional aid sources in combination with federal, state and outside aid to support student success and institutional financial health.