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Learning Mobility

A learner-centered innovation, where systems, processes, programs, and initiatives must be designed around the needs and best interests of the learner of today and the future at every stage of their journey.

AACRAO is leading this national, systemic innovation

Our Focus

Facilitating seamless evaluation and documentation of learning.

Our Goal

Empower higher education professionals to lead institutional transformative change for the benefit of learners.

Our Why

Our unwavering belief in the power of higher education to be the great equalizer and driver against systemic barriers to economic and social mobility.

Learning Mobility Principles

  • Learner-Centered

    Learning Mobility prioritizes the needs and interests of today's and tomorrow's learners. Systems, processes, programs, and initiative should enhance the learner's experience at every stage of their educational journey and empower them to shape their education for their unique goals. This ensures that educational opportunities are accessible, equitable, and tailored to individual learners.

  • Equitable Outcomes

    AACRAO is working both nationally and internationally to increase Equitable Outcomes. This means that all systems, processes, programs, and initiatives must enable educational, social, and economic mobility for people with varying abilities, preparation, and skills. This supports pathways to better employment opportunities and to further education and training.

  • Interoperability & Open Standards

    We believe that all technology must use open standards and common ontologies/frameworks to enable data to be machine-readable, exchangeable, and actionable across technology systems and, when appropriate, on the Web. It must support combinations of data from multiple sources, enable human interoperability, and be understood by people in different occupations and industries from diverse backgrounds.

  • The Value of Higher Education

    When we do this well, we strengthen the value of Higher Education. In a knowledge-based economy where being highly skilled and experienced is valuable currency for success and economic growth, education serves as an accelerant to credential attainment. Documenting and communicating that attainment is an imperative and AACRAO members are critical to this work.

All of our projects are rooted in the learning mobility principles and address the following barriers to smoothing the learner's journey.

  • Common Language

  • Credit Mobility

  • Technology

  • Evolution of the Record

AACRAO is the legitimate, longstanding source of information and advice on how to create and maintain trusted information systems and student records. The same policies and practices that have served well for over a century can be applied and modernized for the evolved learner information and data that digital credentials will deliver. We need to create a broad consensus on foundation principles and then build resources that empower institutions, vendors, and organizations to work in a shared understanding.

AACRAO's goal is to ensure that best practices are identified and that students' data privacy and security are protected. A lack of understanding surrounding data exchange and related technologies creates both a technical and psychological barrier towards the realization of an inclusive data exchange ecosystem in the US.