Communicate with applicants, students and faculty regarding appropriate program of study, the entry requirements, and the processes and policies that pertain to those requirements. 

Ability to direct international students to institutional support services. Inform international students and staff on matters related to international documentation, course equivalencies and transfer of credit.

Content knowledge requirements: Deep understanding of the institution’s programs of study and entry requirements, and support services for international students; Communicate with applicants and students regarding required official academic documents that must be submitted; Understand international benchmark credentials and their indigenous terms to request from applicants; Stay up-to-date on evaluation standards, educational practices and the latest information on academic policies; Evaluate foreign credentials and determine comparability to US secondary and post-secondary education benchmarks; Verify the authenticity of applicant admission materials, to be added to their student record once verified.

Skill requirements: Ability to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries; Exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving abilities; Ability to exercise sound judgment and analytical reasoning.

Ethical requirements: Ability to work independently and as a team member.Promote integrity, confidentiality and professionalism; Respond with sensitivity to the needs of a diverse population; Responsibly handle sensitive documents.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Communicate admission requirements using indigenous educational terms; Assist students with creating, following and adjusting their individualized educational plan; Recommend courses and programs of study for new, continuing and transferring students; Provide faculty, academic programs, and students with an analysis of coursework and grade point averages. 

Intermediate level: Promote an institutional culture that celebrates diverse, multicultural, and intercultural learning; Develop and administer surveys and other tools to assess the effectiveness of on-campus internationalization efforts; Utilize best practices in the field as promoted by professional organizations (IACAC), international resources (AACRAO), and collaboration across campus, including academic departments, to ensure that international students meet the same or comparable admission criteria as their domestic peers. 

Expert level: Track and monitor statistical results on retention, graduation, and student achievement of personal and academic goals; Track and monitor academic, curriculum or documentation changes in other educational systems and update policies and procedures to reflect these changes; Develop a library of materials and training manuals. Design and maintain a shared online dashboard using tables and charts to depict current and projected enrollment status.