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The AACRAO Collective

Open to all AACRAO members, this Zoom meeting, held on the fourth Thursday of most months, is an opportunity to connect, exchange, and commune.

All members receive an invitation via their roster listed email address.

Upcoming Meeting Dates (All Times in ET):

Meeting Format and Discussion Topics

AACRAO Collective Gathering registrants receive discussion topics in advance of each meeting. To access discussion topics for each month's gathering, navigate to the individual meeting page and click on the specific meeting date.

During each hour-long meeting, member moderators introduce the topics and foster an open space for discussion. Attendees have a chance to deep dive into each topic during break-out sessions, then return to the full group to share discussion insights.

Have a particular topic that you would like to discuss in an upcoming meeting? You can submit your ideas using the form below:

Become a Member Moderator

The Collective Gathering is a space for AACRAO members to freely discuss whatever is on their minds. What’s going on at your institution? What sort of programs are each of you developing for your students during virtual, hybrid, or in-person classes? And just how are all of you really doing? Member moderators facilitate the hour-long discussion by fostering an open space for engagement and learning. This is a simple task composed of:
  • Introducing the discussion topic(s) for that meeting
  • Sharing your own insights and experiences
  • Encouraging attendees to share what's on their minds

Interested in becoming a member moderator? Click on the button below and submit the form: