International Education Standards Council (IESC)

Our Contribution to International Education

Credential advice is modified when new studies of foreign countries' education systems have been undertaken. Based upon the research collected, new recommendations are developed and approved by this group of experts and then published within AACRAO EDGE providing advice for how best to understand foreign credentials in the context of the U.S. educational system.  

Composed of representatives from public and private institutions of higher education alongside voices from multiple credential evaluation agencies, the grading scales and placement recommendations published within AACRAO EDGE represent a majority consensus across diverse groups well versed in international higher education.  



Members & Fellows

Nancy Katz, Circular Crop

Nancy Katz, Member


Jennifer Minke, Circular Crop

Jennifer Minke, Member


Emily Tse, Circular Crop

Emily Tse, Member


Robert Watkins, Circular Crop

Robert Watkins, Member



Rebecca Jacob, Fellow


Rosalie Hancock, Circular Crop

Rosalie Hancock, Former Fellow


Erin Hari, Circular Crop

Erin Hari, Former Fellow



Amanda Holder, Circular Crop

Amanda Holder, Former Fellow


Circular Crop Loida Gonzalez Utley

Loida González Utley, Former Fellow