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Effectiveness of SEM in Canada: Reflections from the Field  Coming Soon


This book compiles the responses of extensive interviews with Canadian strategic enrollment management (SEM) leaders regarding their thoughts on SEM in Canada. It explores the history of SEM in Canada, reflects on the implementation of SEM practices, discusses key issues related to SEM, and offers insight on the future of SEM in Canada.

Release date: October 14, 2022


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AACRAO's publication and research initiatives seek to serve the ongoing needs of our membership and contribute to a better understanding of current and leading practice. In carrying out this research, we hope to leverage the expertise of AACRAO members, staff, and partners.


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College & University Journal

C&U 97:3 Summer 2022
Featured Content

The Growth of the Test-Optional Movement: Analysis of Test-Optional Admissions Policies in American Higher Education 

Communicating Experiential Learning to Employers 

An Interview with Nicole Lynn Lewis 

An Interview with Jay Goff 

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SEM Quarterly Journal

SEMQ 10:2 July 2022
Featured Content

A Lottery-Based Admissions Process for Faculties of Nursing: An idea Whose Time Has Come

Machine Learning Methods for Course Enrollment Prediction

Understanding the Complexities of the Transfer Function

Creating a Strategic Plan for the Transfer Student Experience

A Case Study of an Institution Continuing to Advance Student Success, the University of South Florida

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