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Holistic Admissions: Predicting the Likelihood of Student Success  NEW


Though many colleges and universities were already expanding their current admissions approach beyond test scores, the disruption caused by COVID-19 has accelerated this need. It is imperative that institutions establish more precise instruments to identify those students who are likely to thrive at our institutions.

This book combines holistic theories with case studies to illustrate the complete picture of holistic admissions. It provides solid examples of how to implement consistent, legal, and manageable assessments to help in selecting successful students.



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College & University Journal

C&U 95:4 Fall 2020
Featured Content
Enrollment Management in the Context of Responsibility Center Management 
A Spectrum of What is Predatory: How Information, Information Deserts, and Information Asymmetries Shape College-Going Ecologies and Inequities  

Graduation Rates of Pell Grant Recipients at Public and Private Four-Year Institutions 

Bulletins, Bowties, and Boards:  An Interview with Jeff von Monkwitz-Smith 

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SEM Quarterly Journal

SEMQ 8:3 October 2020
Featured Content

The Need for Transformative Leadership in Strategic Enrollment Management

Influencing the Mindset of High-Risk Students Early in the College Experience

Strengthening Strategic Enrollment Management through Institutional Strategic Planning and Assessment

Ten Techniques to Increase Collaboration between Admissions and Marketing Offices

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