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AACRAO's publication and research initiatives seek to serve the ongoing needs of our membership and contribute to a better understanding of current and leading practice. In carrying out this research, we hope to leverage the expertise of AACRAO members, staff, and partners.

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Academic Operations and the Role of the Registrar  NEW

Drawing from AACRAO's professional competencies and proficiencies, comprehensive practice surveys, policy insights, technology assessments, and staffing benchmarks, Academic Operations and the Role of the Registrar serves as an invaluable how-to guide. Tailored to benefit both novice and experienced registrars, it equips them with the knowledge and tools to champion agile and strategic academic operations, bolstering learner success and achieving institutional objectives.

Encompassing all facets of academic operations, the book explores curriculum management, catalog oversight, classroom-space coordination, class scheduling, credential audit and completion processing, class registration, and institutional or programmatic accreditation. While addressing technology in a broader context, it also offers a glossary of essential definitions to foster common understanding among its readers.

This book was sponsored by Coursedog.

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College & University Journal

C&U 99:2 Spring 2024
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Managing the Maze: High School Student-Athletes' Navigation of the College Choice 

Lifting as We Climb: The Impact of Women's Leadership on Access and Equity in Global Higher Education 

An Interview with Jackie Carter

An Interview with Melanie Ho

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SEM Quarterly Journal

Vol. 12, Issue 1 April 2024

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Influencing Student Persistence of Low-Performing, First-Year Students through Academic Enrichment

How Students Experience Failing a Course

The Enrollment Relationship Model

Fostering a Culture of Care for a Student Ready Institution

Leveraging Data to Promote Student Success: A Case Study

Review of: Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration

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