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SEM in Action: Implementing and Sustaining Your Plan  NEWBook cover for SEM in Action

Through the sharing of research and stories from the field, this book is a practical guide for campus leaders to implement and sustain their strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan at their college or university. The book describes how the effective execution of strategies and tactics leads to the achievement of student and institutional vitality and success.

Actionable steps to follow within a framework for implementing and sustaining a SEM plan are provided in addition to five unique case studies. Together these cases provide solid examples of successful implementations of sustained SEM efforts. The book includes a foreword by expert SEM leader Stanley E. Henderson.

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College & University Journal

C&U 98:2 Spring 2023
Featured Content

Your Piece of Financial Aid Compliance 

Reframing the Purpose and Process of Supervision in Higher Education 

An Interview with Rhonda Kitch 

An Interview with Jim Maraviglia

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SEM Quarterly Journal

SEMQ 11:1 April 2023
Featured Content

Prioritizing Scholarships to Improve Student Access and Grow Campus Diversity

Managing Enrollment Strategically Both Formally and Informally

Working Across the Aisle: Connecting Enrollment Management to Financial Aid to Re-Enroll College Students with Satisfactory Academic Progress Concerns

High-Impact Pathways: Developing Sustainable, Strategic Partnerships to Support Enrollment Pipelines

Admission Quotas in India and China: An Overview for Strategic Enrollment Management

Review of: Managing the Whole Student Life Cycle: A Handbook for Higher Ed


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