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The Basic Guide to Financial Aid provides a roadmap to ensure that enrollment professionals understand the fundamentals of financial aid administration and compliance. The guide covers five integral parts of financial aid: Eligibility, Student Aid Programs, the Aid Delivery Process, Reporting and Common Requirements, and Training Resources. It builds a foundational understanding of student financial aid programs, as well as their requirements and delivery processes.





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AACRAO's publication and research initiatives seek to serve the ongoing needs of our membership and contribute to a better understanding of current and leading practice. In carrying out this research, we hope to leverage the expertise of AACRAO members, staff, and partners.


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College & University Journal

C&U 97:2 Spring 2022
Featured Content

Test-Optional Policies: Implementation Impact on Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment

The Pathway Toward the Institutionalization of Enrollment Management 

An Interview with Janet Godwin 

An Interview with David Coleman and Priscilla Rodriguez 

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SEM Quarterly Journal

SEMQ 10:1 April 2022
Featured Content

Nudging in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Text Messaging College Students amid COVID-19

Postsecondary Intentions of Latino and African American Students in Tennessee: Considerations for Strategic Enrollment Management

Making the Transfer Path to a Bachelor's Degree Seamless and Successful: Best Practices

Cross-Campus Robust Retention Initiatives: The Vortex Approach

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