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Effectiveness of SEM in Canada: Reflections from the Field  NEW


This book compiles the responses of extensive interviews with Canadian strategic enrollment management (SEM) leaders regarding their thoughts on SEM in Canada. It explores the history of SEM in Canada, reflects on the implementation of SEM practices, discusses key issues related to SEM, and offers insight into the future of SEM in Canada.


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AACRAO's publication and research initiatives seek to serve the ongoing needs of our membership and contribute to a better understanding of current and leading practice. In carrying out this research, we hope to leverage the expertise of AACRAO members, staff, and partners.


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College & University Journal

C&U 97:4 Fall 2022
Featured Content

Higher Education’s Role in Preparing School Counselors for College Admissions Counseling 

Departure from College: The Role of the Social Network of Students 

An Interview with Jeff Selingo

An Interview with Nathan Grawe

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SEM Quarterly Journal

SEMQ 10:3 October 2022
Featured Content

Does Completing College-Level Work in High School Result in Baccalaureate Success for Students?  

Digital Swag and College Students: Exploring 21st Century Digital Admissions, Recruitment, and Yield Collateral

The Impact of Interventions for Students Readmitted after Academic Suspension

The Deciders: Understanding the First-Generation College-Going Experience in Support of Enrollment and Diversity Efforts


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