Community and Content Facilitator 


AACRAO offers competitive compensation, an excellent benefits and retirement package, and a convenient location in Washington, D.C.

AACRAO is a non-profit, voluntary, professional association working to make higher education more responsive to learners. With a membership of over 14,000 higher education professionals representing 2,300+ institutions in more than 40 countries, the association provides advocacy, research, and policy-based guidance and training to higher education professionals to smooth the path for learners at every stage of their journey.

AACRAO is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.

About the Job


Community and Content Facilitators work with the AACRAO Community and Volunteer Manager (CVM) to not only identify topics, presenters, and engagement opportunities outside of AACRAO’s in-person events (including but not limited to the AACRAO Collective and the AACRAO Exchange) but also to actively participate in the moderation, engagement measurement, and feedback process.

This position is a great opportunity for an AACRAO member who has had limited involvement at the national level and wants to expand their leadership experience at the national level.


A. AACRAO Exchange

i. Content contributions to online discussions and resources at least once every two weeks:

    1. Relevant content examples include:

         a. Questions you have about the profession/higher education.

         b. Responses to questions posed by peers.

         c. Posting insightful articles relevant to the AACRAO community.

         d. Acknowledging/celebrating member achievements.

         e. Frameworks, how-to’s, etc that may be helpful to amplify the AACRAO knowledge base.

         f. Resource ideas or suggestions for resource development.

ii. Post content at the direction of the AACRAO Exchange team. 

iii. Participation in feedback, focus groups, and listening sessions to drive platform development.

   1. Feedback and listening sessions will be coordinated in advance to accommodate calendars.

B. AACRAO Collective

        i. Lead the topic and presenter selection process and serve as moderator of a minimum of one (1) AACRAO Collective. '

          1. Exclusive to AACRAO Members, the Collective Gathering provides a space for members to connect and exchange best practices and insights around common challenges and opportunities in Higher Education. Sessions typically take place on the fourth Thursday of the month excluding August and September.

How to Apply

Using the form below, interested applicants must submit:

  • A completed application form, including a statement of interest and any current or past AACRAO involvement.

Current Institution Type - Select all that apply.

(~100 words or less - Examples for involvement include but are not writing articles for AACRAO, state and regional volunteer experience, and committee membership.)

(~100 words or less - Please write a volunteer statement including: Why you would like to serve as a Community and Content Facilitator; How your work in this role would align with AACRAO's values and goals -

Please select your areas of experience. The CCF will help encourage conversation and engagement around these topics in the AACRAO Exchange.

(~100 words or less - Please write a brief summary about your professional experiences, and how they relate to the areas of expertise you selected above.)

Those selected as Community & Content Facilitators serve on the committee for a period of three years. - By acknowledging the statement, you are agreeing to the statement.
Facilitators are expected to be in attendance at the Leadership Meeting, typically in June, each year. - By acknowledging the statement, you are agreeing to the statement.
Facilitators will be trained and expected to champion AACRAO's digital forum, AACRAO Exchange. - By acknowledging the statement, you are agreeing to the statement.